See also the separate listing of Selected Instructional Pages for additional links.

 Air Oasis: Air and Water Chemistry for Kids - provides links to a variety of activities, games, and experiments for pre-high school.

The Elements Revealed: An Interactive Periodic Table -(Scientific American) - Restricted to presenting a small window of "fun facts" about each element; seems ideal for middle-school students.

All About Hand Dying - a lesson plan for beginning chemistry from elementary through high school (Paula Burch). A very detailed set of pages covering all aspects of hand dying with references to the chemistry involved.

> Chemistry Software and Science Teaching Resources by Ray Le Couteur. This site, replacing the one hosted at now-gone Compuserve, features Windows-based teaching software appropriate for whole-class use in schools. Includes Atoms, Symbols and Equations, Atoms, Bonding and Structure, and Chemistry Simulations. These commercial packages are free to download and try.

Chembalancer and Element Quiz are on-line games.

Balancing Chemical Equations activity with teacher notes by E.S. Belasic

> Center for Chemical Education (Miami U of Ohio) offers a number of resources aimed mostly at the pre-college level.

ChemCases This NSF-sponsored project is a series of curriculum units that link responsible decision making in product development with chemical principles taught in General Chemistry. 

> ChemCom Teachers Resource Center home page. (ChemCom® is a chemistry curriculum written for secondary school students by the American Chemical Society (ACS). It attempt to enhance science literacy by emphasizing chemistryís impact on society.)

Chemistry Fundamentals Course from U of North Carolina-Chapel Hill is intended for incoming first-year students who wish to review and extend their basic high school chemistry and mathematical skills.

ChemGuide is an extensive set of tutorial-oriented materials assembled by Jim Clark, a long-time UK high school teacher.

ChemTeam is a set of high-school related tutorials by John Park

Chemistry video podcasts on many topics by Richard Meagher of Mt Lawley Senior High School.

Chicago high school Chemistry daily lesson plans. This site, part of Chicago's "structured curriculum" project, provides access to PDF documents containing detailed, day-by-day lesson plans for a two-semester high school Chemistry course.

Chemistry games and puzzles - a variety of element-naming games (both on-line and paper-based) and other useful links from the Thomas Jefferson National Accelerator Facility.

Doc Brown's Online Chemistry Clinic - This UK-based site is aimed at 11-18 year old students and contains cross-references to North American grade levels.

> Food Science resources - An extensive collection of teacher resources and experiments sponsored by the Institute of Food Technology. See also this ChemSource collection of lab activities.

{Graduate Postcertificaiton Teacher Training in Chemistry} - this NSF-supported project directed by Prof. David Brooks of the University of Nebraska - Lincoln offers Web-based minicourses in a number of Chemistry subjects. (≤ Dec 2006.)

Helping Other Teachers ("HOT") program managed by the author of Mr. Guch's Cavalcade o'Chemistry offers a number of materials, including "17 Effective Activities for New Chemistry Teachers" which is free to new teach ers.

Lawrence Hall of Science A museum and resource center at UC Berkeley for students and teachers.

Living by Chemistry - this textbook-related commercial site describes a full-year high school curriculum designed to help all students to learn real chemistry. It claims to exceed state and national standards, and .includs teacher guids, and materials

Hungry Frog Chemistry Games - Software-based games (Mac and Windows) for Grades 4-12

LearnChem is a source (and place for teachers to post their own) tutorials, practice tests, and other resources relating primarily to high school chemistry. This site has recently been revived and extended after a period of inactivity.

{Bob Jacob's Wilton HS site} - this extensive list of resources apparently disappeared in early 2008, but this link to a 2007 archived version should still be useful for both high school and college-level General Chemistry.

{Science Teachers' Resource Center} - A collection of materials contributed by teachers in various disciplines. The Chemistry sections includes labs and lesson plans. (Link is to last archive, Feb 2007)

Sepup Modules (Lawrence Hall of Science) A series of related activities designed for grades six through nine. The activities use inquiry-based problem solving approaches to learning in which the importance of decision making based on evidence is emphasized. Each module contains materials to complete the activities, student pages, and background and instructional materials for the teacher.

Teacher Focus is a non-commercial site of resources and moderated discussions on various topics which include educational technology and science teaching.


Mainly K-9

Science Experiments Around the Home - This UK site describes a wide variety of interesting experiments that can be safely explored by children at home.  The projects are organized according to the part of the house — kitchen, laundry, bathroom, etc., or the yard or garden.

Chem4Kids! - Learn about elements and how they combine to make compounds. Read great explanations of basic terms along with handy tips and tricks to help you learn concepts like bonding and electron orbitals. Discover how the periodic table got its name and why it is a helpful organization for studying the elements.

Chemistry Land - an online, illustrated story intended to introduce the basic concepts of Chemistry. (YouTube)

The Science Behind Glass - a brief summry with links

How to Make Rock Candy - a sweet introduction to crystals

Kitchen Chemistry experiments - mostly K-6 grades

Diffusion: A Fifth-Grade Science Module - one of many modules from the National Computational Science Education Consortium