Major resource collections

Sheffield ChemDex Chemistry resources on the InterNet, compiled by Mark Winter at the University of Sheffield, U.K. This is a comprehensive and exceptionally well-organized set of links, indexed by subject, institution, and country.

Physical Sciences Centre site provides resources to support teaching and learning in Chemistry, Physics and Astronomy, with a view to promoting cross-discipline development. There is a section that reviews some Chemistry-related software packages. In truth, however, this UK-oriented site seems to offer only a rather limited selection of useful links. (≤ 2009)

Links for Chemists - This is the Chemistry section of the WWW Virtual Library. It is an extensive and well-organized collection at the University of Liverpool in the UK, covering all aspects of Chemistry.

Advanced Placement Digital Library is an NSF-sponsored project at Rice University that organizes its links according to the official AP content outlines. The links are limited to those that have been reviewed by a member of the appropriate subject panel; their is a fairly long Chemistry list. For reasons unknown, you need to register in order to access much informaton here. (2003-2009)

Chemical Education Digital Library - "ChemEd DL seeks to provide exemplary resources for chemistry teachers and students—resources that are versatile and reliable tools that span all aspects of chemical education, from middle school science through college-level classes and topics. Our collection includes interactive simulations, tutorials, activities, wikis, reference materials, images, video and even more."

Chemistry: A Guide to Web Resources - a list of useful sites compiled by the Library of SUNY-Albany. Chemistry - This commercial site contains a variety of useful material, including worked problems, simple experiments and demonstrations, and tutorial materials. It is very well organized, with topical Chemistry news features, lists such as "What's it made of", and subject-oriented links all available from the home page. The subject links are all nicely annotated. But watch out for the annoying won't-go-away pop-up ads advertising online casinos and such that start showing up as you get into some of the sections.

intute: science, engineering and techology "offers a free, easy to use and powerful tool for discovering the best Internet resources for teaching, learning and research, covering the physical sciences, engineering, computing, geography, mathematics and environmental science." The General Chemistry section is arranged alphabetically, but there is a search field.

PSIGate (Physical Sciences Information Gateway)- this site, "the physical sciences hub of the UK-based Resource Discovery Network (RDN)",has disappeared, but its General Chemistry listings have been incorporated into the "intute" site described above, and can be accessed here.

Teaching Resources in Chemistry An exceptionally comprehensive and well-annotated site organized by Knut Irgum of Umeå University, Sweden. This site contains lots of dead links and is apparently no longer being maintained.

Martindale's Virtual Chemistry Center - A very wide-ranging and well organized collection of resources.

ODP Science:Chemisry:Education - the Open Directory Project is a non-commercial directory to Web resources, organized in a logical, hierarchical way.

{WEB-sters' Organic Chemistry} - (archive; 2002-2004) this site covered much more than its title suggests, but suffers badly from dead-link-itis - Chemistry - A real hodge-podge, with many links to animation and videos, admixed with a lot of junk, such as one-page "handouts" with a few hand-written formulas scrawled on them.

Yahoo! Chemistry page A good place to start to find anything relating to Chemistry.

Instructional and tutorial resources

Chemistry Web Resources - this site maintained by Ron Rinehart of Monterey Peninsula College contains a wealth of material, all well organized in a visually-attractive way.

Serendip Interactive Chemistry - The focus is not on course syllabi or notes but rather on materials from which individuals can learn themselves, and particularly on those with an interactive component. This list and annotations was created by Katie DiFelice of Bryn Mawr College. Each link is rated as to level, playfulness, interactivity, and explanation.

General Chemistry: Starting Points for Students enrolled in HS, AP, and college-level courses in General Chemistry. Instructors are invited to link this site to their course home pages, or copy the items of interest directly into their own pages. Compiled and maintained by Steve Lower.

World Lecture Hall - Chemistry - This site, maintained by the U. Texas Center for Instructional Technologies, contains links to pages created by faculty worldwide who are using the Web to deliver course materials either as complete courses or as supplements to regular courses. The links can be sorted in various ways. One annoyance is the small number of links displayed on a given page, so browsing tends to be a bit slow. (≤ 2010)

{ChemistryCoach - Wilton H.S.} - This collection by Bob Jacobs of Wilton (CT) High School is one of the more comphrensive high school chemistry sites. It is well organized, with links to a very large number of locally-developed tutorial pages, worksheets, and laboratory experiment guides. (Link is to last archived update, 6/2007.)

Chemistry Webercises - A collection of links by Steven Murov, especially designed for assignments in which students seek out Web resources relating to specific Chemistry topics.

Google Directory: Chemistry - As with most sites that lack serious editing, this one is rather scattershot, even with its apparent organized index. However, one can usually count on a few gems being revealed among the dross. (Google Directory has been permanently shut down: info.)


More narrowly-focused link collections

The Alchemy virtual library An extensive collection of texts, graphic images and book references assembled by Adam McLean.

Analytical Sciences Digital Library - This NSF-sponsored site contains links to a variety of materials relating to analytical chemistry, including Web pages and lab manuals for individual courses.

Biography - Eric's Treasure Trove of Scientific Biography contains information on a wide variety of scientists. There is also a Treasure Trove of Chemistry, but it contains a lot of misinformation.

Chemical Information Instructional Materials The Clearinghouse for Chemical Information Instructional Materials (CCIIM) is maintained at Indiana University and includes items that have been developed by chemistry or science librarians, chemists, and others for the purpose of instruction in the use of chemical information sources.

Chemistry Departments in U.S. four-year colleges - probably the best and most well-maintained list available, with links to worldwide departments.

CHEMystery: an interactive guide to chemistry. A collection of topics related to high school chemistry. This site was developed by a group of students for a 1997 event and is probably not being maintained.

{CTI Centre for Chemistry} The British Ministry of Higher Education has funded the Computers in Teaching Initiative which has established groups ("Centres") in a number of disciplines. The one for Chemistry is based at the University of Liverpool. Includes reviews of numerous software programs. This site disappeared in mid-2007; link is to latest archive.

Demonstrations - Peter Keusch maintains a useful list of links to lecture demonstrations.

Electrochemistry educational resources

{Ethics in Science} - Resource compiled by Brian Tissue of Virginia Tech U. (Link is to last archived update 4/2007.)

> {History of Chemical Engineering and Chemical Technology} -(1997-2010) Part of a now-dead site (Exploring and Collecting History Online), a directory to 5,000+ websites concerning the history of science, technology, and industry.

History of Science and Technology (Virtual Center: science and technology)

(Mineralogy) - links to some of the best sites dealing with minerals and geological information. [≤ 9/2006]

The Mining Company - Chemistry pages - A well-organized collection at a commercial site.

News items - SciCentral - The Physics and Chemistry section links to recent news articles pertaining to these disciplines.

NIST WebBook Provides access to the full array of data compiled and distributed by NIST under the Standard Reference Data Program. Thermochemical data, IR and mass spectra, etc.

Exploring Materials Engineering - links to a variety of sites relating to materials and polymer science.

The Wonderful World of Atoms and Nuclei A collection of pages from the Darmstadt Heavy Ion Research group covering topics related to nuclear physics and some of its major applications, well-written and suitable for students.

Science's Next Wave is "an electronic network for the next generation of scientists". with emphasis on career information.

Structural database sites - an extensive list of sites offering searchable databases for small-molecule information. It is apparently no longer being updated.

Surfactants Virtual Library maintained by Paul Huibers of MIT provides a comprehensive resource on surfactant science and related fields. (This site was discontinued in 2004 and no archive is available)

Physical Properties and Thermodynamics link collection at U Illinois Chicago contains numerous links to compilations of physical properties (Henry's Law constants, solubilities, refractive indices), phase diagrams, and related data.

Chemistry Visualization Resources for Teachers - an extensive annotated list by Rosa Hemphill.