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a reference text for General Chemistry

Stephen Lower

Simon Fraser University

The chapters in this section deal with the rates and mechanism of chemical change. These topics stand in contrast to the subjects of equilibrium and thermodynamics that control the direction of chemical change.

The Chem1 Virtual Textbook is a resource for General Chemistry aimed mainly at the first-year university level. It offers a more comprehensive, organized, and measured approach than is found in most standard textbooks. It should also be accessible to advanced high-school courses, and helpful as review material for students in more advanced courses in chemistry, biology, geology, and engineering.




Some useful references

Book: An Introduction to Chemical Kinetics (Margaret Wright, 2004) - get

Book chapter: Rates and Mechanism of Chemical Reactions (Chapter 22 of Chemical Principles, 3rd Ed (1979) by Dickerson, Gray, and Haight.) Perfectly good for first-year general chemistry courses.

Online book chapter: Reaction Rates (Concept Development Studies in Chemistry, John Hutchinson)

MIT Principles of Chemistry Video Lectures - 2008:

L31: Rate Laws - go - notes
L33: Reaction Mechanisms - go
L34: Temperature and Kinetics - go
L35: Enzyme Catalysis - go

Khan Academy videos: Introduction to Kinetics - go

Web sites

Chemical Kinetics Notes (W. Salzman, U. Arizona 2000) - go
Activation energies, reaction coordinates and rate-limiting steps (Wikipedia) - go


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