Download Chem1 Virtual Textbook


The onllne version of the Chem1 Virtual Textbook for General Chemistry can be accessed at

Institutional users of these materials may wish to download a copy of the Virtual Textbook for local use and as a backup in case this site should become inoperative or disappear. This will also be useful for distribution to students in locations that do not have convenient Web access. The Virtual Textbook is stored as a compressed (zipped) file Please be aware that changes are made to the Virtual Textbook very frequently, but new postings of the downloadable version are made irregularly.  In order to stay current, it might be advisable to set up a local mirror site; see this PDF file for information on mirroring.

Please see here to discover the most recent major chapter updates.

The most recent version for download was posted
on 24 Augest 2016.

To get the most recent version of, click here to download . 

Alternatively, this same file can usually be downloaded through DropBox at this address. Please note, however, that DropBox may occasionally prohibit further downloads until the end of the current month if the monthly limit on download traffic is exceeded.

The download package includes a brief README file which explains how to access the main index through a local browser.


After you have downloaded and un-zipped the file (usually done automatically in most browsers), open the chem1vt folder, and open the README.html file within this folder.

If you are unable to open or unzip the file, it may have not downloaded properly. The size of the un-zipped chem1vt file should be at least 134 Mb. The file should be around 100 Mb.


Creative Commons License
The Chem1 Virtual Textbook is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported License