Gallery of water-related pseudoscience

Junk science in the marketplace

This index lists some of the companies, products, processes and people whose names I have come across in my explorations of water-related pseudoscience and quackery.

The links in the left column take you to the sites that promote the product. Because many of these sites tend to be rather evanescent, I am unable to keep all of these links up to date.

The links in the middle column are to locations in my site that provide debunking information on a particular "technology". In my opinion, there is no credible scientific support for any of the claims referenced here.




"Activated Water"
energized water
This term is widely used; one such product is described under "Magnetic Effect Resonance Technology" elsewhere in this list.
Activated Hydrogen Systems structure-altered water  
"Active" hydrogen
wonky water
"Active hydrogen" (sometimes called "nascent" hydrogen) refers to hydrogen in the form of atoms rather than stable H2 molecules. This form of hydrogen is highly reactive and when it is formed, disappears in less than a second. Various products (mostly from Japan) falsely claim to introduce these ultimate anti-oxidants into water and even tout them as cures for cancer or diabetes (Kangen water )
A hand-held cleaning device that claims to "charge" the water by electrolytically-generated nanobubbles.
Adar Marketing, ADR Energy Stimulator
structured water
magnetic energizing of food and water
Adya Water, Adya Clarity
wonky water bunk
They claim to supply minerals in enhanced bio-available form, which in most cases are probably not. Almost every page at this site contains statements that are at best misleading and at worst patently false. They cover much of the gamut: magnetic minerals that "attract contaminants", oxygenation, etc.

"Aerobic" oxygen

"Aerobic Oxygen"

oxygenated water
There are many sites offering this quackery and making nonsensical claims such as "Aerobic Oxygen is a revolutionary formula that harbors a very high concentration of NON-TOXIC STABILIZED ELECTROLYTES OF OXYGEN ." — a term that is meaningless nonsense. My guess is that it contains sodium hypochlorite (the principal component of laundry bleach (see here) which is a mild antiseptic and which slowly reacts with water, oxidizing it to oxygen.  But the quantity of oxygen produced is too small to have any significant benefit.
Aetheric Energy
structured water
Far-out folderol for terminally nutty new-agers; links to sources of "Aetherically Charged" water and "Anti-ageing cream", "Aetheric gold" and similarly worthless nostrums. One link is to an extraordinarily goofy water-quackery site full of crackpot physics based on "tetrahedronal mathematic-based technology: ...The virtual laser imposes coherence (structure) on the vacuum medium around and through a given volume water and rotates energy out of vacuum into the fundamental water molecules. "
agricultural applications [goofy]


"plasma"-induced electron injection; see Energy Systems Plus, Balanced Lives; see Ejax (magnesium anode), Magnetizer ®, Coherent - AquaMaster. EcoFlow offers a "catalytic" device; similarly, Adya water's minerals "are catalysts for uptake" of nutrients in plants. Some, such as HydroPure ECA, sell electrolytic devices that produce hypochlorite solutions; see here for my comments. A device for golf courses called Aqua-Phyd claims to place an electrical charge in water to reduce its surface tension. This is nonsense. See also the UK-based Vi-Aqua product, and Australian Water for Life and Hydrosmart. TransGlobal H2O's T6 Optimizer is said to utilize "pulsating electical charges" to work agricultural miracles; The VWP device claims to "strengthen plant immune systems" (plants don't have immune systems!) And the Water Changer makes ridiculous claims about its "technology". Some of the most blatent nonsensical gobbledeguck purports to explain how Fractal Water's "Imploder" device improves the growth of plants and the germination of seeds. Customized Water Systems invokes looney-tunes claims of producing "scalar energy in a very broad range of fequencies..". Magnation at one time claimed to employ "hydrodynamic magnetic resonance" to increase crop yields up to 30%, benefit health of livestock, remove soil salinity, control scale. As far as I can tell, none of these approaches has ever been confirmed by independent investigators and reported in a reputable soil-science journal.
AHT - Advanced Hydration Technology
structured water
A typical snake-oil site making the usual baseless claims about improved hydration, clusters, antioxidants and redox potentials. Strictly for the suckers! [3/08]
AkwaMag magnetic water tmt. This slick promotion certainly sounds good, but where is the performance data?  Given the sparse evidence for the efficacy of MWT, I would want an iron-clad performance guarantee!   [2014.05]
alchemical homeopathy
structured water
Yet another weird Ascension Alchemy product: "The  glass vessel containing the imploding  water vortex lies in the midst of a large crystal grid, the angles of the relationship between the crystals as well as the type and resonance-quality of import for creating natural scalar, or standing waves. The equipment with the glass vessel containing the imploding  water vortex is surrounded by a Tesla coil..."
Aldi Far-IR Products, tech site
clusterbunk, far_ir
de-clustering of gasoline: " the far-IR radiation from the device resonantly agitates the hydrogen bonding between the long-chain hydrocarbons (HC), and breaks up the cluster34ed HC molecules."
alkaline water
Usually, so-called (and fictional) "ionized water" claiming a multitude of benefits unknown to medical science.
Alkalive™ pH booster
Combines "ionized" and "structured" water bunk: "Structures and Clusters Your Water for optimal absorption ... Infuses Your Body With Charged Ions... The Carriers of Energy"
"water ionizer"
"converts tap water into approximately 70% alkaline water and 30% oxidized (acid) water" which they also claim to be "micro-clustered". "Foods cook quicker because of the smaller water molecules in antioxidant water."
Alkalark ionbunk, clusterbunk This device combines the dubious claims about "ionized" and "clustered" water and magical minerals in one unified, portable [and probably worthless] product. [8/2010]
Sang Whang, "engineer, scientist and inventor" and author of "Reverse Aging" offers "far-ir" devices ("sleeping on a FIR mattress pad is like reaping the benefits of exercising while you sleep!"), "alkaline water" nostrums, and loads of health misinformation.
Alkaline Water Stick
ionbunk + otherbunk
It may well make the water alkaline, but so will bicarbonate of soda. The ridiculous claims about "active hydrogen", "energy balance", "low ORP", and "microclusters" make this just another dumb "shtick" . [2010.5]
AlkaPuro alkaline water bunk An alkaline bottled water claimed to provide "superior hydration", maintain "proper pH balance", "energize", "act as an anti-oxidant (therefore promotes anti-aging", "build a strong immune system" etc. etc. The same outfit also promotes a kind of [fictional] "hexagonal water". [2011.03]
AlkaWay water alkalizer ionbunk, hydrogenated water This outfit continues its long tradition of marketing water pseudoscience to the masses, claiming that its pricey UltraStream filter/alkalizer device combines the scientifically dubious ("water ionizer", widely overhyped hydrogen therapy) with the outright crackpot: tourmaline ("softens and infuses far-infrared energy"); a "fluoride reduction" process based on "raw sapphire"; magnets falsely claimed to "stabilize the pH and hydrogen in the water"; "crystal quartz" falsely claimed to "microcluster and soften the water".
 wonky water
Vortex energy field and other weird stuff. See also my old "Nordic Bunk" page.
Alpha Omega Water
wonky water
"AO water" cites dubious research to claim that their filter device employing quartz and amehyst crystals, vortex motion, and magnets (along with "conscious inelligence") can improve water.   I strongly doubt it!  [2018.04]
Amega Global, AMWater
Wonky Water
The ultimate in pseudoscientific claptrap about quantum physics, biophotonic free energy and water revivication for the scientifically ignorant.
Amega (Omega) Wand
The Omega AMwand claims to energize water and fix your "Bio-energetic field" through the wonders of quantum physics, but these pathetic clowns cannot even write proper English. [4/2010]
American Technologies Group
stock promotor of IE-Structured water
AMP Force   Please see "H2O Concepts" below
Angel Fire Water
structured water
"We have created a 12 step process to bring you our super oxygenated, structured alkaline water. We add pure oxygen and lock it into the molecular structure of water.." They use results from a goofy "bio-electric impedence analyzer" to claim that their water improves "cellular hydration" in 22 minutes.
Angstrom minerals
Wonky water
Pseudoscientific hype of mineral supplements purporting to be more readily absorbed. [7/09]
Oxygenated water
Misinformation and nonsense promoting a worthless "stabilized oxygen" potion to enhance oxygen in your body. [12/10]
APEC Futura
Catalytic salt-free
From the description, this appears to be based on epitaxial crystallization, which cannot truly soften water. [9/10]
Oxygenated water
A typical promo by a penny-stock outfit (Global Biotech) that presently [10/2010] seems to be doing more "positioning" than marketing
Aquafer WaterSource
magnetic, catalytic ?
Mfr's site claims that the device uses KDF filter but no magnets, but this sales site says "well refined catalytic/magnetic device to render the water hardness harmless."
"After years of intensive study and experimentation, Dr. Lorenzen was able to replicate, through magnetic resonance technology, the clustered water found in the natural springs. Then, using his Template Induction Process, he stabilized the water so that it would not lose its strength or potency. Resonant water could now be bottled in a concentrated form"
electrostatic scale control
Special electrode arrangement is supposed to precipitate scale-forming salts.
"stabilized nascent" oxygen

Another weird offering from Ascension Alchemy: "Free radicals, which many biochemists now believe are a primary cause of the aging process and degenerative disease, are positively charged ions of singlet oxygen, O1+. Stabilized nascent oxygen is negatively charged O1-. The opposite charges on the ions cause them to attract each other, forming O2, or simple pure oxygen." 

Catalytic water treatment
In common with many promoters of dubious products, the company's Web page tells you almost nothing, leaving it to independent dealers to make ridiculous claims. For example, this sales site says that the device "transforms the dissolved calcium carbonate (temporary hardness) into non-charged, neutral chemical bonds. These bonds are completely stable and cannot attach to any surfaces. The chemical bonds are rinsed away by the water flow. The size of the bonds is so small (in the range of nanometer) that they can only be seen with a microscope. (This last sentence is a real howler to anyone who has passed high school chemistry!) [2009.05]
magnetic water treatment
"In precise and repeated measurement of the water surface tension before and after the AQUA-CORRECT® treatment, different institutes have confirmed a nearly 10% reduction at 20 degree C for drinking water."
Aqua Di Vita ™
structured water
Another typical water-clusster snake oil featuring "Scalarwave Structured Water ™"
magnetic water treatment
"Incredible Magnetic Water Conditioner" "When water is magnetically charged, it electrically takes on a greater ionic charge than the minerals which creates a natural magnetic attraction between the two. The magnetization then attracts and locks the dissolved minerals into the water creating healthy and cost free descaling ...Softening and better taste occurs from an actual reduction in the size of the water molecule."
AquaFlow EM scale control

Their Genie Compterized Water Conditioner uses " both RF radio sine wave technology and DIC ("direct inductive coupling") electromagnetic technology".  There is no credible scientic evidence that either of these technologies can  effectively control scale formation. Their claim that " changes the Ionic state of the molecules in the solution being treated. This physical ionic change repels Silica, Alumina and Iron which normally act as binders and make scale form. Free electrons are generated which allow Ca (Calcium) and Mg (Magnesium) to dissociate from CO3 (Carbonate), SO4 (Sulphate) and HCO3 (Hyrdocarbonate) and assume their neutral atomic states, thus stopping scale forming"makes no chemical sense.  Free electrons cannot be created by electromagnetic fields, and they cannot exist in aqueous solution. The mfr. offers a 6-month  performance guarantee, but offers no performance data.  [2013.05]

EM scale control
Please see "Neocode" below.
oxygenated water
Not as far out as some promotions, but the "scientific studies" they quote are mostly irrelevant. The one published scientific article they cite is in an obscure Egyptian journal!
structured water
Penergetic, the maker of this device, claims that it "functions as a kind of signal emitter (catalyst). The AquaKat is charged with frequency patters of clean, natural spring water and oxygen (O2) during a special manufacturing process." Apparently another version of the equally absurd Grander Water process.
Aqua Life Natural Water Activation Technology   "Exposed to a duplication of vortexes and natural frequencies, water introduced to
Natural Water Activation Technology ™ is quickly reminded, at a basic level, of its true nature. The water then begins to restore, to itself, its own native abilities."
AquaLiv structured water This "structured alkalne water, homeopathic health supplement... saturated with Life-Force Energy" combines several categories of false and ridiculous claims into one, so is a more economical way of getting taken. [1/10]
Aquamat / Aquamaster
Catalytic water treatment
Makes numerous dubious claims relating to agricultural uses: "The Aquamaster is constantly charged with negative electrons from the electron booster ... causing the ions in the salts to polarise and exchange. Plants love electrons!"
magnetic water trtmt.
"a non-chemical water and soil treatment technology ... will reduce soil compaction and create optimum growing conditions for plants and turf." But their "technolog" is rather dubious.
aquarium ionizer   Please see ECO-Aqualizer
Aquarius Water

structured water

oxygenated water

This promotion has been resurrected as Langenburg Oxygen Water.
Aquapulse 3000, Aqua 3000
EM scale control
Uses electrical "impulse technology" to "solve hard water problems"; their claim that "iron particles are set in motion at high speed, which breaks down the lime." is just plain dumb. [6/09]
Aqua-Rex water conditioner
EM scale control
This is the U.S. name for the UK product Water King — another typical electromagnetic water treatment device
Aquastel, Aqua-Tonic
"...oxidation and reduction that destroy and neutralize all hazardous substances. ... such treatment removes everything that is harmful for and alien to a human body and retains all that is useful and harmless." "..based on a new, previously unknown law of anomalous changes of reactional and catalytic abilities of aqueous solutions.."
Aqua-Life 1

Aqua-Life 2

 weird vibrations

The Aqua-Life flapdoodle comes in two flavors:

1- "Exposed to a duplication of vortexes and natural frequencies, water introduced to Natural Water Activation Technology™

2- BIO-COM Oxygenated Water have very large negative zata potentials on each colloidal particle. The water "is quickly reminded, at a basic level, of its true nature. The water then begins to restore, to itself, its own native abilities...sets up a communication with the water... the change in the water is usually found to be dramatic and therefore quite noticeable."

Aquatomic / Aquaspace
"magnetized" water
"Water is Paramagnetic …meaning that it holds a magnetic charge"... the first of many lies!
Aqua-Tonic / Natural Solutions
ionized water
Adds electrons to water, reduces cluster size. "...water electrolysis unit will filter, restructure and split your ordinary tap water into two distinct energized Alkaline an afordable price"
EM scale control
"Digital" scale control by electromagnetic induction
Aqua Vero Anti-ageing water
 weird vibrations
contains 34 mineral vibrations
structured water
This "natural artesian water", prepared through a "structure-enhanced technology that brings energy and hydration to the user..", makes numerous ridiculous health claims "supported" by dubious unpublished "clinical studies".
Ascension Alchemy
Aqua Quackery
"imploding vortex, Tesla coil, Noble gas infusions
Ascension Alchemy
 structured water
(weird, weird!)
Alteration of H2O bond angle sends uv light flash to DNA. "non-replicating DNA is from our future - calling to us to create a new form of light. This precious future DNA holds the blueprint for the next evolutionary leap. ...These dormant codes are awakened (to begin replicating) by light filled sacred geometric shapes, the Language of Light. ,,flows from "higher" dimensions into our world holds an electromagnetic inscription encoded in the geometric shapes. A direct teaching on your cellular level, heard by your DNA.
Asea water

I have no detailed debunking discussion of Asea Water, because others have seen through this nonsense:

Science-based Medicine

Ask MetaFilter

Supplement Geek

This MLM-marketed nostrum purports to increase the efficiency of two (of the many) body's antioxidants, and has been "shown to enhance the redox signaling processes involved in [oxidative] damage control." There is, of course, no scientific evidence presented to back up the ridiculous claims that some magical substances added to water can accomplish this. Although oxidation-reduction processes are involved in some forms of signalling relating to production of enzymes that decompose peroxides and similar reactive byproduct of metabolism [link], the Asea outfit has managed to flood the Internet with baseless screeds promoting their product; there is even a highly dubious Wikipedia article on "redox signalling".   [1/2010]
Avène Thermal Spring Water
Just a super-expensive pure water flogged as a medical product for skin treatment
AWS Alklaine Water Systems
alkaline water bunk
Uses a set of "filters" instead of electrolysis to add chemicals that raise water pH, but beyond this, the site is replete with the same bogus claims and outright lies made by the ionizer folks. [2010.12]
Ayus water activation
Claims to "improve the structure and performance of water" and the "flavor profiles" of beverages, reducing chlorine taste, and inhibiting formation of limescale (but apparently not completely preventing it). To these rather vague claims, they add the thermodynamically dubious one that the device "changes the state of favour solublity". No clue to how the device works is offered exept to state that it does not employ magnets or consume electric power. Some of the claims are similar to those for certain kinds of so-called "catalytic" treatment devices. [2011.6]
Bakuhan mineral   see Wellness Filter
Balanced Lives
 Magnetic water quackery
"magnetic device to restore the 'natural balance' of drinking water"

"Magnetic water has a positive effect on plant growth. Magnetic water is more solvent and has a lower surface tension, so nutrients in the water are absorbed more readily. Use on agricultural crops results in improved quality of the plants with a reduction in the use of fertilizer. "

baldness prevention   magnetic baseball cap attracts blood to scalp; see MAG-SOL
Base Water
cluster quackery
Typical snake-oil site with unbelievable claims about how their vibrationally-treated water improves "cellular hydration". [2/09]
Bernardini "Research Institute"
water-energizing container
"Energy Mug" changes right-spinning water into healther left-spin water"

Beotron energy cell

crackpot water trtmt.
This has recently been revealed to be a worthless device, now part of an overhyped water filter.
Beyond H2O
structured water
Another "better-hydrating" water supported by an unconvincing (and unverifiable) "clinical study" and a ludicrous description of its "12-step" manufacture process. [4/2010]
BevWizard Wine Enhancer
magnetic wine trtmt.
Claims that magnet in stopper causes tannins to coagulate
The Big Pitcher
A water-oxygenating device with unbelievable hype
Bimini Water
An excessively dumb promotion by an outfit called Liguid Prana, in which the English is as inept as the science. The claim that their electrolysis process makes a "new specie [sic] of bio-available and stable nitrogen" is highly dubious. [2011.11]
BioCat "catalytic battery"
structured water
"RealWater" product involving "essential oils"
bioremediation   dubious uses of magnets
Bio-com process see Maret Water
{Bio Disk} (r.i.p. 7/07)
wonky water weirdness
"Transferring the "Nano Energising Frequency" into or through liquid affects the nanos within the liquid. ...This natural resonance has the ability to create a molecular structure in all manufactured or treated
liquid and vegetation."
Bionic Band   Their how-it-works page might sound impressive to the science-challenged, but its references to "proton alignment resonance technology" (PART) should really be abbreviated in reverse as "TRAP". Misleading nonsense! [7/09]
light-related scams
The term has a scientifically legitimate usage, but Web-based scam sites exploit it to create a market for various overpriced, scientifically-worthless devices such as this Bio-Photon Analyzer.
Biotite, black mica
wonky water
Overhyped mineral that is falsely claimed to remove "all chemicals" from water, including fluoride. But it actually contains fluorine, and has been shown to actually release fluoride into water. Completely worthless! [2013.12]
wonky water, structured water
A magical water whose “dodecahedroal crystalline structure” removes “frequency and disease markers”. This dreadful, misinformation-filled “longevity” promotion is aimed strictly at the science-challenged. [2016.07]
biowater; see also Brorby   water H-bonded to biomolecules; see A gentle introduction to Water and its structure
Blueprint Water unit   Please see Living Essence Water [2013-1]
far infrared, ionized water
numerous dubious products including "water ionizers"
Bon Aqua
mag water treatment
Magnetic device based on physics fantasies: "As water moves through the induced magnetic field, the static charge on the water molecules is changed from negative to positive due to current being generated by the moving water.. The current produced by the flow also causes some water molecules to ionize (dissociate), forming hydronium ions (H+) and hydroxyl ions (OH-)"
Bovis energy scale   Classic pseudoscience bases on oscillations of a pendulum device; see Essential Energy Lifefore Water
Brorby Bio-Water
structured water
"The Greatest Preventative And Healing Discovery In The History Of Mankind"
Calif. Water-King
Electronic treatment
".. a fully computerized water conditioner which eliminates and prevents lime scale without the use of chemicals or salt"; don't believe it!
Electronic treatment
Yet another device that claims. in the absence of any credible evidence, to render scale crystals non-adherent through the magic of a "frequench field". [2012.11]
Care-Free water conditioner
catalytic water trtmt

This company has offered various claims about how their "water conditioner" works including "vortexial eddy currents" and a "catalyst".  Their present (2014) site explains it as "turbulance through a catalytic chamber" plus "creation of a small electrical field around the chamber casing".  They summarize by saying that the device "eliminates the cohesion that exists between the mineral particles and the water".  In my opinion, this is nonsense, totally lacking in scientific support. They state that the device is a "conditioner", not a "softener", that it "removes 70% of chlorine taste", but offer no meaningful performance data.  There is a reference to an interesting Ph.D. thesis on their site that shows that turbulence reduce the size of precipitated CaCO3, but it does not address the efficacy of the conditioner in actually improving the quality of water. [02/2010]

goofy water treatment
BioCat "catalytic battery"; discourages "unnatural (pathogenic)" organisms; utilizes "biomagnetic energy" of essential oils, "oligometallic effects" of metal catalyst
Cat's Claw Immune Support
 structured water
an apparent alias for CellCore Clustered Water
Catalyst-altered Water   see Willard Water

Catalytic 1000 Salt-Free Water Softener

(Stabilized Water of Canada)

scale control by depressurization
Pressure release purportedly changes "calcium bicarbonate" into calcite. "Utilizing household water pressure as its energy source, the CATALYTIC 1000 converts hardness producing calcium bicarbonate into Calcite - an internationally recognized, environment friendly, sequestering (water softening) agent. The Calcite seeds attract calcium and magnesium, preventing these hardness minerals from forming scale and producing other hardness related problems." Any first-year Chemistry student should be able to see he fallacy here!
catalytic water softening
"precious metal" catalysts that carry out the impossible
CellCore Clustered Water ™*
water structure altered by magnetic field, laser
Wonky water
oxygenated water
Dissociates the water molecule into "nascent" O and H, 80+ other elements. "Di-pole Deuterium Sulfate provides an incredible oxygen source..."
Cell-Gen AH Water
similar to above
Also sold as Liqua A.H. system, this combines many typical quackery claims, especially those relating to "activated hydrogen". Some claims similar to CellFood. Don't believe any of it!
Cells Alive System (CAS)
magnetic supercooling
A fast-freezing system that claims to improve food quality by using a magnetic field to inhibit ice crystal formation.
cellular hydration   Pseudoscientific hype hype by Cellcore and others; see Passing Water: nonsense about "cellular hydration"
ChargedForLife   This misinformation-filled site combines false claims about water clusters and healing springs with water ionizer bunk to yield a melange of junk chemistry. Beware of any product that claims "reverse aging" powers! [7/09]
charged water   see Wholly Water
chlorine removal   magnetic shower heads purporting to remove chlorine
Chrysalis 8
 structured water
"DNA codes are transmitted to messenger RNA by the emission of mini ultraviolet light bursts."
Cl-Free Water Systems
elecrolytic scale control
Claims to change "suspended calcium into healthy, digestible calcium bi-carbonate"(!) Also utilizes electrolysis with copper and titanium electrodes, releasing Cu into the water as a disinfectant; "titanium plates oxidize the organic compounds in the water by creating OH" (!!)
Clayton Nolte
wonky water
This guy's pseudoscience is exemplified at Natural Action Structured Water
ClearGold Water Activator electrolytic water disinfection Device is supposed to disinfect drinking water by electrolytically-produced "hypochloric" acid.  But few potable waters contain enough chloride ions to properly accomplish this. Their goofy claim to "restructure" water into a form "2H2O" lends little credence to their other claims.  [2013.10]
ClearWave conditioner
EM scale control
"uses microprocessor technology to electronically generate inaudible waveforms that help keep calcium carbonate particles (scale) dissolved in water and prevent them from adhering to pipes."
"clustered" waters
 structured water
quack wellness-waters purporting to have altered structures
Coherent Water Resonator™

lake and pond reoxygenation

"The electromagnetic field (EMF) produced by The Resonator™ results in liberating free-hydrogen from the water body.  In turn, oxygen is drawn into the water from the air-water interface and oxygen is formed naturally (insitu) through the self-ionization of water.  This process increases the Dissolved Oxygen level and returns the water to its natural high-energy state."
Concept 2000 System
EM scale control
Claims that 2-3 kHz electrical pulses break down "Calcium Bi-carbonate" to calcium carbonate and CO2 — in violation of the known facts of chemistry!
Coral water/calcium
Coral Quackery page
Widely-promoted false claims about the benefits of coarl-derived calcium
Crystal Blue Enterprises
Kool ade for the credulous
Their nonsensical claims about "structured" waters, combined with the usual mumbo-jumbo of "frequencies", "vibrations", and "vortex" nonsense (all of which I describe here), should warn off all but the terminally credulous! [2016.04]
Crystal Clear Water
catalytic water trmt.
A glorified (and costly) water filter making dubious claims about "catalytic" conditioning.
Crystal Daytime™   a "clustered" medicine water; see CellCore
Crystal Energy   a Flanagan "microclustered" water product
CuZn Water Filtration Systems   "Uses KDF Cu-Zn alloy to oxidize/reduce metal ions, bacteria"
DDMF   electromagnetic induction; see ScaleWatcher
electrolytic "impulse"
swimming pool scale control utilizing impossible chemistry
DentEME "Compete50" dental care products
far-infrared fantasies
"Infrared rays are longer microwaves that sap the energy from resistant bacteria. The slow down in metabolism causes the bacteria to age and decay. ... Infrared vibrations lower the pH and kills the bacteria by frying the inside cell."
Detox foot-baths and foot-pads   Please see the entry "foot-bath detoxification" farther below.
crackpot hydrogen
"CELLFOOD's Di-base, Di-pole Deuterium Sulfate provides an incredible oxygen source and delivery system to the body at the cellular level... has the unique ability to dissociate the water molecule into nascent hydrogen and nascent oxygen."
Developmental Natural Resources

Wonky quackery, far-infrared bunk

"DNR encodes subtle light wave frequency signals into mineral water solutions." A former site flogged light-energy signals tuned to vertebrae; weirdest in this category.
diamagnetism   tendency of most molecules to be repelled by magnetic field; see RealWater
Dileka crackpot water treatment Made-in-Japan nonsense purporting to produce "ionized" water with "smaller clusters".
DNA-Clustered Water   see Sound Energy Research
DoctorsHealthSuppy   magnetic mattresses and pads
Dolphin Water Care
pulsed EM scale ctrl
Scale control by pulsed electromagnetic induction, for recirculating systems such as cooling towers; references to performance data are available, but so are several negative engineering studies[1, 2, 3]. [2016.07]
Double Helix Water
cluster quackery
Dr. Lo's latest promotion about yet another "structured water" and its health benefits [2010.11]
Dream Tree Water
alkaline water
This sales site for DreamTree's "Cellular Energy & Nutrition Technology" quackery is full of claims ranging from the scientifically absurd ("negatively charged", "superior cell hydration") to the merely misleading ("110 minerals", "antioxidant- rich". [2011/04]
DrinkNanoTech   please see Quantum Tech Water below
Dynamic Disturbance of Molecular Forces   electromagnetic induction; see ScaleWatcher
wonky water
One of many pages at offering a wealth of dubious water-related products offering ill-defined health benefits.
E-Water Machine
structured water
see Elixa
EarthSmarte Water
Wonky water,
ionized water

There is every reason to be skeptical of this promo; they offer no clear explanation of how it works, and no performance data. There is the usual laundry-list of dubious generalities ("softer skin and hair", etc.) Several of their claims seem especially misleading:

  • They say it "treats hard water" but, but this does not necessarily mean that it it actually reduces, let alone eliminates, water hardness; their claim of "no maintenance", "no filters to change", makes one wonder where the carbonate hardness salts go!
  • They claim that it "supplies alkaline water", but they don't specify the nature of the additive that creates the alkalinity. Also, water alkalinity tends to promote hardness scale, rather than reducing it.
  • One of their pages promotes the widely promoted falsehood that alkaline water is beneficial to health. 
  • The nonsensical claim that it "makes water more soluble" makes one wonder if the company CEO and "Master Water Spcialist" ever passed high-school Chemistry!   [2017.09]
Earth Transitions
cluster quackery
water that is "clustered" and "super-ionized" (whatever that means!)
Easy Water
EM scale control
see Freije Treatment Systems below
EAU Empowered Water
"ionized water"
Just another scheme to sell overpriced electrolysis devices that generate what amounts to watered-down laundry bleach.
ech2o™ - Tennant Co.
"ionized" water
Tennant's new industrial cleaning wonder "works by unlocking the vast amounts of energy stored in the water molecule H2O."
Eco1st Inline Processor
"catalytic" water tmt
They make the scientifically absurd claim that the device strips electrons from the fluid, making water wetter, improving fuel combustion, improving oil-water separation, etc. [3/2011]
"ionized water"
purports to ionize aquarium water for healthier fish
catalytic water treatment
They offer a variety of "catalytic" devices for home, inductrial, and agricultural applications. Their claim that "the Ecoflow Catalytic Water Conditioner converts elements that make water hard like; calcium, magnesium, boron and sodium into neutralized nano-particles that goes into solution and passes right through your water supply system" makes me wonder if anyone there has ever passed first-year chemistry! [2012/03]
Ecosave Laundry Disks
laundry disks
Makes ridiculous claim that "electrically charged ceramic beads" introduce H+ and OH ions into the water, thereby softening it and reducing need for detergent.
scale control
electrolytic production of O atoms in impossible amounts to oxidize all impurities and microorganism out of existence; also claims scale control, reduced surface tension (unbelievable!)
eco-softwater conditioner
"catalytic" water tmt
This highly dubious device employs a "specially-engineered alloy element" which they claim (without any evidence) produces an electrochemical reaction which [magically] precipitates the carbonates in-situ, preventing their deposit. [2014.10]

 structured water

resonant Hexagon Water. "Living water resonates with the energetic vibrations of your body." -- and similar hokum.
ECPI Water
structured water
This exceptionally dumb promotion in poor English is full of absurd pseudoscience, implying that they shrink water molecules ("finer molecular structure"), invoking "wave particle duality" , "wave energy" , and a "spacetime model" — all but the most gullible suckers will avoid this one! [2011.11]
Ed Hardy Structured Water
structured water
All the usual lies, aimed at the boutique water market: "The absorption rate of hexagonally shaped structured water molecules is as much as four (4) times more efficient than water that is not structured."
Ejax Wetter Water
crackpot chemistry
Sacrificial magnesium electrode yields colloidal material that is claimed to control scale, remove chlorine, "produces smaller drops of water" etc. For farmers, it claims to "neutralize sodium", reduce irrigation needs by up to 50% and elecricity needs fo water pumping by up to 30%. Technical page invokes some unlikely chemistry.
Electro-activated water
"ionized" water
Another name for overpriced laundry bleach flogged for agricultural disinfection and "bio-stimulation"
electrolytic water treatment   goofy electrolytic processes for softening water
Electrolyzed/Oxidizing (EO) Water - Electrolyzed Plus
"ionized" water
This misinformation-filled site by RPA Biotech offers "oxidized" water that they claim has been "stabilized", as well as "alkaline" water that is "abundant with electrons". For good measure, they also repeat some of the cluster-buster garbage about improved hydration and toxin removal.
electromagnetic water treatment   scale control by electromagnetic induction
Electron water
Wonky quackery
Removes "memories" of water's previous contamination; see also John Ellis
Elixa E-Water
 structured water
microclustering by electrolysis
Ellis Water Machine
 structured water
Please see John Ellis Water Machine below, or the JohnEllisBunk page
ELO Water
oxygenated water
'Living water - Breathing water" claims to contain a "stabilized form of oxygen" (likely hypochlorite ions) — in possible violation of FTC deceptive adertising rules.  [2016.10]
 oxygenated water
"... is a water that has smaller molecules of water so it can be penetrated quicker into the cells"
EMF-Bio Shield
wonky weirdness
Dumb device alleged to protect users of TVs and computers from electromagnetic radiation.
EMF Safe Zone
MRET quackery
This site features a grab-bag of goofy products (GIA solution, i-H2O, "EMF protection", etc.) based on even-more-goofy "MRET Technology". [2/02]
Emoto, Masaru
 structured water
"Doctor of Alternative Medicine" and father of water cluster quackery based on photographs of ice crystals (some examples here) and author of the goofy three-volume work The Messages from Water. See this Wikipedia article for a concise survey of this huckster-showman's nonsense.
Empowering Water
"Ionized water"
From EAU Technologies, yet another expensive device for producing what amounts to dilute laundry bleach, for cleaning purposes. Used in such products as ZeroRez cleaning equipment. [2011.10]
"ionized" water
Enagic markets "Kangan Water" (see below.) A bunk-filled sales site makes reference to "Enagic Water".
Ener-Chi Ionized Stones
energized water
"By placing an Ionized Stone next to a glass of water or plate of food, the water or food becomes energized, increasing digestibility and nutrient absorption. Ionized stones can also be used effectively in conjunction with Ener-Chi Art -- simply place an Ionized Stone on the corresponding area of the body while viewing an Ener-Chi Art picture."
structured water
This goofy device combines makes all sorts of nonsensical claims. Don't believe any of their hokum!
EnerDev Energy Water
structured water
Classic water-cluster quackery enhanced with "chi energy" nonesnse: "The Chi energy of its natural bio-ceramic will continuously energize the water and form healthy energy water that is small in molecule cluster, rich in oxygen that can easily be absorbed into your body."
Energized Vibrational Healing Water   see Wheeler below
Energy Converter   see EcosWay
EnergyForever   Miracle Magnetic Laundry Balls
Eniva"Minerals for Life" structured water, MWT The "breakthrough" claimed for their "Solutomic" minerals is only in the pseudoscientific hype employed to pitch its special attributes to science-challenged consumers. Especially misleading is their claim that the dissolved (ionic) forms of their mineral supplements are somehow more ideally suited to absorption by cells. In addition, there is the usual nonsense about their magnetically-treated water having lower surface tension, and being able to "pull oxygen into cells".
Envirolyte Electrolytic water trtment
This site is full of pompous piffle about "activated solutions" and "anomalous reactions", but the biocidal and pH-raising capabilities of the device suggest that it may be nothing more than an extraordinarily expensive method of generating what amounts to ordinary laundry bleach.
Environmental Science & Products*   "magnetized" water "using God's technology"
Environmental Water Systems
catalytic treatment
This appeas to be an overdone water filter. EWS are rather dodgy about its softening abilities; they claim a goofy-sounding "catalytic" process they call "Increased Calcite Nucleation (ICN)" which "breaks apart the calcium and magnesium minerals from the bonds of the water molecules. I very strongly doubt it will work.
 weird vibrations
"Water Coils" and much other worthless junk
electrostatic scale control
Uses an electrostatic field to precipitate scale ions. The company site lists many prominent corporations as "users", but offers no performance data beyond cost savings.
EON - Essence of Life
structured water
"Restructures the water into bio-molecular clusters, providing better cellular absorption while enhancing the body's oxygenation."
epitaxial crystallization
catalytic treatment
A method of inducing crystal formation on the surface of another solid having a similar structure. Despite tha many claims to the contrary, this cannot "soften" water. See link to the left for more.
Weird, weird...
Water energisers, biophotons, "stabilized oxygen", chakra balancing, and similar far-out pseudoscience.
ERT water, iWater
Weird Wonky water
These are other names for MRET water, a scientifically absurd promotion. [6/12]
ESF Scale Prevention System depressurization pressure-pulses to reduce CO2 content and prevent scale formation
Essential Energy Lifeforce Water, Energizing Mug
Energized water
Reverses "spin" of water molecules to "override negative vibrational memories that may be left by low energy substances, while simultaneously increasing the life-enhancing potential of your water." ... all according to the "Water Doctor"!
ESW (Enhanced Solubility Water)
oygenated water
see GP8 SportWater
magnetic laundry ball
oxygenated water
This new (in 2009) product already has a lot of enthusiasts among the Twitter set. It claims to promote improved cellular oxygenation (in the absence of any demonstrated need) but has all the earmarks of a classical snake-oil promotion: multi-level marketing, no references to credible science or research publications, and lots of hype.
EWO Water Vitalisation vortex water nonsense This Austrian "technology" employs "whirling", magnetism, and "information transfer" bunk. [2/2011]
EWP (Electronic Water Purifier
Crackpot water tmt.
Unbelievable claims for a hopelessly simplistic technology based on the false idea that hardness ions and contaminents can be attracted to and deposited on electrodes. (1/09)
catalytic water treatment
See Environmental Water Systems above.
structured water
Plastic balls that magically increase the "resonance energy" of your drinking water. Weird; for suckers only! (10/07)
EZ water

The term "EZ water" was coined by Gerald Pollack of U. of Washington, who has published kkwork on interfacial water structure. But any number of dubious promotions have sprung up that claim to be based on Pollack's theories; the one listed here is typical, and, in my view, is straight out of la-la land.  [2017.02]

far infrared
ionized water
light scams
Worthless schemes purporting to use far-infrared light to break up water or fuel clusters or radiate energy into your body. F-IR is just ordinary heat energy that is radiated by all objects; anything beyond this is lies.
FDA UltraMK Miracle 6 system*
off the wall!
see Miracle6
Energized water

This Canadian outfit offers up bunk such as:

"When water goes through a FEMO2 System its clusters become extremely small. This change occurs because the stainless steel chamber within the FEMO2 System creates a “left” spin that releases the energy needed to break down the hydrogen connections in water molecules, thereby making smaller water clusters. That spin changes the electron spin of the atoms, and these, in turn, cause physical changes in the water. The energy from that change is transferred to the person who drinks the water. "

FilterSorb SP® catalytic water trtmnt "transforms the dissolved Mg2+ and Ca2+ carbonate into non-charged neutral chemical bonds (calcite crystals). When the crystals reach size in the range of nanometer (microscopic) they detach and are carried away by the water flow." [11/07]
Fitness Water
structured water
A clone of "H2O6" which is in turn a clone of the "clustered" water snake oils
Flanagan, Patrick
hydride ion bunk

structured water

"1997 Scientist of the Year"; "At 17, he was part of a Pentagon Think Tank and later was a consultant to the CIA, NSA and NASA." See his PhiSciences site, and also the Flanagan Follies Page at Canadian Quackery Watch. See also the revealing article on Wikipedia.
structured water
Just a glass (ridiculously labeled "organic") water bottle that is claimed to improve the "vibrational structure of water". Completely crackpot!  [2014.05]
Flow-Tech EM scale control Claims to differ from other similar products by propagating EM pulses "throughout your entire plumbing system", something that is technologically questionable. Provides no performance data.  [2013.10]
Fluid Dynamics
catalytic & magnetic water treatment
This UK-developed technology includes a number of devices, one of which they call a "Colloid-A-Tron.It appears to combine turbulence with a so-called "catalytic" alloy which supposedly slowly corrodes, raising the pH sufficiently to precipitate carbonate salts in situ. A more detailed description along with some lab experiment data is available here.  This similarity to some of the claims made for other "catalytic" devices make me rather skeptical. As with other "saltless" devices, there is little reason to believe that thcy can reduce carbonate concentrations below saturation levels, and thus do not prevent scale formation on hot surfaces. Until I see some actual performance data, I'll  pass on this one!  [2016.12]
Fractal Water
A device alleged to :structure" water for improve plant growth, invoking far-out New Age nonsense. [2014.8]
Foot-bath detoxification
Foot-bath quackery
An old trick in which an electric current purportedly draws "toxins" out of your body (and dollars out of your wallet!) Click on link at left to see how this works. Also known as "ionic detoxification", Aqua-Chi, and "Ionic hydrotherapy". Also available (and equally worthless) are detox foot-pads which work while you sleep and falsely claim to utilize "far-infrared" radiation which is a well-known scam of its own.
Free-Flo ™
dubious scale control
Claims to control scale by utilizing turbulance and pressure drop to discharge carbon dioxide from the water, raising the pH and causing the CaCO3 to precipitate on epitaxial surface.
Freije Treatment Systems
EM scale control
They have toned down their previous silly hype, and now just give the usual dubious stuff about electromagnetic scale control: "The FREIJE Series E sends an induced oscillating electric field through the pipe wall into the water. This produces molecular agitation in the water causing the unstable mineral ions barely hanging in the water to come out of solution and combine with other mineral ions." [link]
Frequency-infused water
Wonky water
A nostrum that claims to impose mysterious "vibrations" on water that activates your "energy field",   endowing your consciousness with whatever trait is labeled on the bottle.  [2014.06]
Fulvic/Humic acid supplements: BioAg, Wujinsan
Wonky Water
Swamp water for suckers.
Functional Water
structured water
This term is often used in place of "ionized" or "structured" waters as more consumers regonized these as scams, but these nostrums are no different: "Functional beverages exist because in a very limited number of locations in nature, unusual, functional waters have been discovered and determined to possess exceptionally different characteristics from "conventional" waters."
Gem Water
Wonky Water
Another worthless promotion of "crystal power" pseudoscience  [2018-07]
Genie Computerized Water Conditioner   Please see AquaFlow
Gia Wellness Water
Wonky Water
Another nutty product based on MRET water, also marketed as i-H2O.
Global Health Trax
Oxygenated water
"The health and wellness revolution company";
see Oxygen Elements Plus ™
GMX International
magnetic water and fuel treatment
All the usual dubious claims about unclogging clogged pipes, greater fuel efficiency, better health, "no slippery feeling"-- and they are recruiting gullible "independent dealers".
GoGreen Sonic water and fuel
crackpot water trtmt
Their "Sonical Water Treatment System" claims not only to prevent/remove scale, but also to kill bacteria. One of the dumbest promos in this category I have seen!
Goodwater Co.   See Carefree
GP8 SportsWater
oxygenated water
This nostrum "is produced using a highly advanced and proprietary electrolysis process". Their "science" page does sound scientific, but offers no credible references supporting claims that their "Enhanced Solubility Water" can dissolve more oxygen than ordinary water and deliver it to tissues through the digestive tract. [2011.04]
Grander Water

structured water

"involves a field effect generated by highly structured water ("information water") developed by Johann Grander... The information water passes structural information through its field to other liquids nearby. The water which passes near the information water takes on a new structure (is "revitalized").
Green Wave MEP Catalytic/Epitaxial Their "science" page describes their "Matrix-Enabled Particularization", which is theoretically possible but will not reduce hardness ions below their saturation levels. [2010.05]
H2O Concepts
EM scale control
Claims that 2-3 kHz electrical pulses break down "Calcium Bi-carbonate" to calcium carbonate and CO2 — in violation of the known facts of chemistry!
H2O6 Water,
structured water
Just another ficticious "clustered" water; the formula probably refers to the nonexistent (H2O)6.
magnetic water treatment
This company produces a variety of dubious magnet-based devices; their H2flow magnetic water conditioner uses "rare earth Strontium Ceramic, poled tri-axially" to prevent lime scaling, but of course no performance data are given.
H2Om Water with Intention
structured water
Emoto-style nonsense creates a water "infused with the power of intention through words, music and thought. We gratefully offer you an interactive invitation to drink in and resonate with the vibrational frequencies of Love and Perfect Health"
structured water
An apparent clone of H2O6 water (see above) which is a clone innumerable similar snake-oils.
H3O hydronium concentrate
acidic "ionized" water
Markets a sulfuric acid product misleadingly described as "a stabilized, highly concentrated version of H3O in solution."

H3O2 water


H3O2 is unknown to science, but you can buy it from all kinds of dubious vendors that cater to "alternative health" suckers.  It is central to the EZ water promotion.

H4O Hydrogen-Bonded Water
This Japanese site touts a "low ORP" "miracle water" whose enhanced hydrogen content (due to dissolved H2, not to a real molecule H4O) claims to "relieve your pain and suffering for it prevents the damaging effects of free oxygen radicals.." — and which, "because of its purity, .. boasts a pH level of 7.7" — which will any chemistry-savvy person will recognize as nonsense.
H9 Water
structured water
Yet another MLM scheme whose "scientific" claims turn out to be well-debunked pseudoscience.  One wonders if the "nine-step patented process" they say they use to produce "hydrogen-rich structured water" really exists!  [2015.2]
Hard Water   see About hard water
Hard Water Bullet
Yet another device employing dubious technology utilizing an "electro-mechanical core" composed of "precious and semiprecious metals". They make the ridiculous claim that the resulting turbulance causes electrons to be injected into the water, which somehow alters the water structure. Even more absurd is their claim that the newly treated water is converted into aragonite — revealing their ignorance of basic water chemistry.
Hard Water Genie Electromagnetic trtmt This product differs from others of its ilk by claiming that it feeds not one, but two kinds of pulses  (audio and radio-frequency) into the water system. But no matter; there is no credible independent evidencethat either kind will soften water!  They make the scientifically absurd claim that the device "changes the Ionic state of the molecules in the solution being treated...This physical ionic change repels Silica, Alumina and Iron which normally act as binders and make scale form. Free electrons are generated which allow Ca (Calcium) and Mg (Magnesium) to dissociate from CO3 (Carbonate), SO4 (Sulphate) and HCO3 (Hyrdocarbonate) and assume their neutral atomic states."  [2015.01]
Hardness Master
Electromagnetic trtmt
The usual dubious coil-around-the-pipe (even iron pipe!) system. "Changes the Hard Water Molecules to Soft Crystals" There is no scientific basis for most of their claims.
Harmony H2O
structured water
This ridiculous product purports to be a "water concentrate which you add to ordinary water in order to magically purify it, improve its ability to hydrate cells, "remove toxins and fermented materials", maintain "pH balance", and similar functions adequately carried out in any healthy body.  A dead giveaway of the pseudoscience here is the statment that "modification to the hydrogen molecule occurs allowing the water to become more permeable"; these clowns apparently don't know that water does not contain "hydrogen molecules"!
Harmonized Water Wonky Water AKA "Osmosis Harmonized Water" to make it sound more scientific, this nostrum is directed at new-agers who believe in the healing power of mysterious "vibrations". They make the absurd claim that this snake oil "communicates energetically with cells that are imbalanced in an effort to restore a normal vibrational rate." [2013-02]  See also this "Doubtful News" debunking article.
Henges of Atlantis   Wiccan water alchemy
Hexagon Water
structured water
"Hexagon’s EC3000 Energy Converter is packed with bio-ceramic beads which emit FIR (Far Infrared Rays), a form of natural electromagnetic waves, that vibrate and energize the water, mimicking what happens when natural spring water splashes over rocks and natural magnetic fields." ... and it gets weirder from there!
Hexagonal Water
structured water
This bunk-filled page at flogs a nostrum supposedly invented by the late Korean scientist Dr. M-E John. Many other unrelated producers also advertise that their water is "hexagonal".
Hexahedron 999 Biophoton Living Water™
structured water
This flapdoodle-filled site claims that their nostrum "induces a Unified Field of energy in the water molecules, augmenting the Biophotons which carry the six-pointed Star in their center...."
Can you run your car on water?
This usually means vaporized water H2O, usually in a context that falsely implies that injection of water into motor fuel produced hydrogen gas whose combustion increases overall energy efficiency. Water4Gas is a typical promotion.
Holloway, Bill and Mike   see Bio-hydration Research Lab
Humic acid
Humic-based supplements are not only worthless, but could be harmful.
Hunza Water   Hunza is an area of Northern Pakistan where the residents are purported to be exceptionally long-lived; this is apparently an unverified myth, perpetuated by medicine-hawkers and perhaps local travel industry officials. Henri Coanda, a Romanian aerodynamics engineer, became a champion of this water in his later years. Contrary to the impression given by some sites, Coanda is not a Nobel laureate.
Horowitz, Leonard   Well-known quackery advocate and anti-vaccination author. Pushes a "Healing water"
catalytic water trtmt
see Fluid Dynamics above
HydraH2O™, HydraLife

 structured water

another "clustered"-type water
HydraScale Electrolytic Scale Inhibitor
scale control
"Negative charged ions become positive charged ions"
cluster quackery
Another snake-oil making the usual false and misleading claims about improved "cellular hydration" (see immediately below). "Hydrate2o is manufactured to mimic bio-water; the water inside the cells of the body." They say that "Hydrate2o has been proven to ab sorb 8X more efficiently than the EPA standard." But there is no EPA standard.
hydration, cellular
Inability to take up enough water is a ficticious ailment that usually reflect impaired kidney function. See alsoPassing Water: nonsense about "cellular hydration"
hydride ions
cluster quackery
If you know some chemistry, this Negative Hydrogen Ion Web site will be good for laughs.
Hydrazen A.T. Ideally Strucured Water
cluster quackery
"This re-vitalized water has energetic properties conducive to maximum hydration, optimal oxygen and nutrient delivery and effective toxin removal.
catalytic water tmt.
Typical crackpot chemistry: "converts elements that make water hard (like calcium, lime, and magnesium salts) into neutralized, inert elements that go into solution ..." Also touted to improve permeation of water into soils.
structured water
More John Ellis rubbish: "Our hydrogen bond angle is 114° which is a function of the ability of water to pass through a membrane and into the cells!!" ... and similar lies.
hydrogen bonding see A gentle introduction to Water and its structure
Hydrogenated water
Despite the studies on cell cultures and lab animals that hydrogen can suppress cytotoxic oxidation byproducts, there is very little if any credible clinical evidence that drinking hydrogenated water can benefit healthy people. But beware the hydrogen-hypsters who try to convince you otherwise!
hydrogen-rich water
wonky water
Water containing "Active-hydrogen" H2 and H) touted for aging, diabetes, ED, HIV, heat disease... you name it! Also clears up foul odor of feces!
Hydrogen-Rich Water Stick
wonky water
"Dr. Hyashi's Original" schtick - a worthless device with no credible scientific support.
EM scale control, agriculatural apps
Implants electromagnetic "resonance frequencies" that "break chemical bonds" between molecules.
HydroZen wonky water Another "negative hydrogen ion" nostrum making absurd claims of improving health by neutralizing free radicals.  [2013.06]
iD-Water structured water "Water with higher energy level"
IE-Structured Water
(ATG dead Web link)
 structured water
Shui-yin Lo is a real scientist whose sideline is the promotion of a dubious "ice-like" structured water through a semi-defunct outfit "American Technologies Group". Also, magical "laundry balls".
i-H2O (GiaWellness)
cluster quackery
Claims to corral the chaotic jumble of H2O molecules in ordinary water into orderly rows, all prepared to sail right through the aquaporin channels and into your cells. Apparently based on MRET technology, which is even better reason to not believe any part of this promotion. [2011.07]
i-H2O (MRET)
This dumb MLM promotion combines magnets, LEDs, and scientific ignorance to produce "low-frequency oscillations" purported to change water's molecular structure into a "highly bio-intelligent bio-available" source. Apparently the same as MRET-water. May be the same as Gia Wellness Water. (7/08)
vortex nonsense
Fractal Water's device invokes far-out nonsense about "phase conjugate magnetics" to flog their device for treating water to promote growth of plants and germination of seeds. Strictly for the suckers! [2010.11]
IndeVex  structured water "energized, structured for custom uses"
inert gas signatures   see Sound Energy Research
ION Scalebuster ®   Employs a combination of devices (zinc anode, "hydrodynamic cavitation", PTFE dielectric) which are supposed to control both corrosion and scale formation by processes that seem somewhat speculative, to say the least: "The static generated by the ION Scalebuster® increase the total charge in the system which encourages the neutralization of like charges or suspended colloids." The site includes numerous accounts of successful installations, but does not offer performance data.
ionized stones   see Ener-Chi
"ionized" water   see Ionized water scams
IonWays - Delphi
ionized water
Another typical "water ionizer" promotion. [02/2010]
IonX Cellyte   A typical "nutritional supplement" over-hyped with scientific-sounding nonsense.
IonX "ionized" fabric
ion quackery
Claims that ions "increases blood flow and the delivery of oxygen and nutrients to the tissue and muscles, while clearing metabolic waste such as lactic acid."
iWater, ERT Water
Wonky weirdness
These are other names for MRET water, a scientifically absurd quackery promotion. [6/12]
hydrogenated water
 Yet another outfit pitching "hydrogenated water" (which they refer to as "hydrogenized") despite the lack of any proven health benefit. It's difficult to have much confidence in this product, whose page on the manufacturing process is unclear about the source of the hydrogen, and whose page about hydrogen itself makes the patently false statement that "oxygen, carbon and many other elements all contain hydrogen which is the reason why it is called the mother of elements". [2017.04]
jGO™ wetwater pH+™   please see "plasma-activated water"
Jhon, Dr. Mu Shik
structured water
Alleged Korean originator of absurd "hexagonal water theory"
Joe Water Energy Cell "free energy" device "an Orgone Energy Accumulator in which water is acting as the medium which captures the orgone and allows it to be transduced into the engine. " ... 'nuff said!
John Ellis Water Machine

structured water


"Since OUR WATER'S MOLECULES are LARGER (as any lab will confirm), they HOLD MORE it was when OXYGEN was at 38% and rainwater was highly charged, potentially explaining the incredible ages mentioned in the BIBLE!"
JSK Miracle Water
structured water
"Miracle water is created when the "Aura Energy" of small ceramic balls energize ordinary strands of water molecules in micro-clustered energized water.  This is the smallest molecular structure of water."
Kabbalah Water
structured water
Britney uses it, so it must be good! "because of its unique crystalline structure and fractal design, Kabbalah water is an excellent information transmitter ... to our immune system, digestive system, circulatory system, and even to every atom of our bodies." For another take on this nonsense, see this MSNBC report.
Kangen / Kangan water
ionized water
Just another "water ionizer" promotion, multi-level-marketed mostly through sales sites filled with scientifically unfounded claims about alkaline water, ORP, and "hydration". (example). See this site for incredible (and un-documented) claims about how this nostrum cures cancer, diabetes, etc.
Kayqun Water
oxygenated water
This goofy promotion claims that they have added to their water "stable oxygen clusters" (unknown to science!) that get more oxygen into your stomach (instead of into your lungs where it canactuallybe utilized.) 
Don't believe any of this B.S.!  [2015.07]
KDF Process Media
redox magic
filter with redox properties claims some dubious chemistry to remove chlorine and kill bacteria
Keeton Industries
ionized water
see Malibu Water Resources
Kiko Water Systems
 energized water

Their page entitled "The Physics Behind Kiko Water System" reveals that Kiko's absurd claims have nothing to do with physics, and are classic pseudoscience: "not only does energy travel faster through Kiko treated water as it becomes a better conductor, but less energy is required to be delivered to the water to achieve the same heating and cooling results than before our technology was being used." The latter part of this statement suggests that they have stumbled on a way to repeal the law of conservation of energy!  [2015.09]

This outfit appears to be a reincarnation of the now-defunct Kiko Tech whose claims were even more loony-tunes: "Tap water vibrates at a frequency of 120-130 Hz (hertz). Kiko Technology added to tap water vibrates faster at to 70-80 Hz."

Kiwaii water
structured water
This bottled water sales site is full of scientifically dubious hype about spring water's "unique configuration [and its] ability to hydrate the body very effectively because its molecular structure allows it to easily traverse the cell's water channels (aquaporins) thereby hydrating the body very efficiently."
LamMD   magnet reduces H2O bond angle to 103 degrees to improve absorption
Langenburg Oxygen Water

oygenated water

This flapdoodle-filled promotion makes a remarkable number of claims ranging from the merely dubious to the bizarre, supported neither by evidence nor science.  [2016.04]
Lee, Kye Ho   see Energy Water
Life Miracle Laundry System   magnetic laundry ball cleans by "magnetic hydrodynamics"
LifeForce Water
energized water
"the molecular structure of the water is enhanced to a highly positive, energized state." (whatever that means!)
LifeMiracle magnetic laundry balls  
LifeSource whole-house   This is a high-capacity water filter— not always justified compared to a drinking-water-only unit. But what I find objectionable is their implication that such a device can also act as a water softener; they offer no explanation of how it works, and I see no reason to believe that it does. They also use an apparently worthless device they call a "Beotron".
Light-Life Tools
Wonky weirdness
This site wins the prize for creative bunkery! Their Acu-Vac Coil performs all kinds of miracles, including removing the "negative energy" (whatever that is) from water. (1/09)
catalytic filter?
Claims to employ ceramic "nanotechnology" to soften water; no indication of how it really works, and no supporting performance data.
light-related scams   schemes employing "far-infrared technology"

Liquid Separation Inc

structured water

A nutty water disinfection scheme that "strip[s] electrons from flowing fluids without chemicals... Our process causes water to loose it's ability to bond to itself or any foreign matter. The water then remains in a positively charged state until such time that the water regains enough electrons to restore it's former balanced charge state and bonding nature."
Live Essence H2O crystal quackery Employs magical crystals that "provide the natural frequencies for each cell." [2013-1]
hydrogenated water
Dr. Hidemitsu Hayashi’s Original HydrogenRich Water Stick
Lo, Shui-Yin   see IE-Structured water
M-water, M-Power Aqua Technology
structured water
structure-altered water; see Wheeler below
MAG-SOL baldness prevention *   magnetic baseball cap attracts blood to scalp
Magic Mist
alkaline water
"Ionized water" for bathing/grooming dogs! [8/2010]
mag water treatment
Another Nikken pseudoscience product
Magna-Flow  mag fuel treatment "resonating magnetic fields" reduce hydrocarbon emissions
Magnation Water Technologies structured water

This product, aimed mainly at the agricultural market, is based on a water-declustering scheme in which "electrons are invigorated with the molecular structure."  "Water molecule clusters made up of water and salts are simultaneously busted apart, polarized and held in suspension as smaller, fully energized, lighter, and more bioavailable units with better electrons. This creates a softer, more permeable and productive water while also preventing mineral scale buildup.The effect of Magnation's magnetic systems makes matter lighter and smaller on subatomic isotopic levels."

This might be of interest to chemists and physicists who would find uses for "better electrons"!  [2016.09]

Magnesium bicarbonate   An Australian site claims miraculous results in treating various ailments, but offers no credible evidence for these claims— only a classic "junk" patent.
MagneTec   magnetic water treatment
Magnetic Energy Cup   "energizes" water by "magnetizing" it
Magnetic Fuel Treatment   worthless use of magnets to break up "clusters" in fuels; example
Magnetic Funnel
Falsely claims to magnetise water, which is supposed to cure all kinds of ailments.
magnetic laundry balls magnetic laundry balls Purported to reduce surface tension without use of detergents. A rock would probably do as well!
magnetic pain relief scientific references
magnetic pulsers, zappers
magnetic quackery
Generate short, intense magnetic fields that are supposed to cure everything from baldness to cancer.
Magnetic Resonance Effect Technology (MRET)
Smirnov Magnetic Resonance Effect technology; "MRET Water acts as a communication medium among the cells. It transmits pre-recorded molecular activity messages to biological systems."; "light emitting diode flashes [at] a specific pulse rate with a frequency that is similar to the earth's geo-magnetic frequency"
MagneTech  mag water treatment see ScaleAway
magnetic monopoles magnetic junk science These hypothetical particles have never been observed, but that doesn't prevent some magnet moguls from using the term when hyping their scientifically absurd products.
magnetic oral irrigators
magnetic healing
various products on the market capitalize on a study suggesting that "magnetized" water can improve denta health. But none of these has been shown to be useful.
Magnetic Solutions
magnetic water treatment
magnetic water   see Balamced Lives
Magnetic Water Softening and Scale Control   use of magnets to combine Ca2+ and CO32– ions to prevent scale formation
magnetized water
A dietary supplement "water-soluble liquid magnet" which purportedly acts by "inducing electrons into all the conductive elements of the body"
magnetized water
magnetized water
Although it is offered widely for sale, there is no such thing. Click the link for more about this fraud!
 mag. scale control

mag. fuel treatment

agricultural apps

These magnet merchants use "magnetic monopole" malarky to hawk products that claim all kinds of not-to-be-believed feats:

"It also neutralizes caustic water by binding the hydronium and hydroxyl ions to the water molecules"
"...causes the naturally formed chemical associations (hydrocarbon clusters) to break apart into a single, potentiated molecular state."
"..reduces the surface tension of the water, which gives greater solubility of minerals and deeper penetration into the soil"
"Transform tap water into a health-enhancing treat by attaching two of these [Water Jar] Energizers to your water bottle."

The "Senior Scientist and founder" sports a "BmP" degree, whatever that is.

Magnon Energy Group
mag. fuel treatment
Company claims that their magnets can even improve the fuel efficiency of natural gas! Don't believe it!
Malibu Water Resources  

This site discusses "hydroxyl radical" generators for use in aquaculture applications, and is full of nonsense:

"It takes only 1.25 amps of DC voltage to break the hydrogen/oxygen bond. The higher the amperage above this, the easier it is to break tighter electron bonds of hydrogen and oxygen from other substances - such as nitrogen."

Maret Water (r.i.p. 2005) wonky water water structure altered by vibrating crystals, magnets, oxygen, silica, and "vortex spinning"

Master's Miracle
(Miracle II products)

wonky water
MLM scheme "Ingredients: Electrically engineered eloptic energized stabilized oxygenated water, calcium, potassium, magnesium, ash of dedecyl solution and the anointing of God." "...will help your immune system be more effective ...may also promote healthy weight loss. "
structured water bunk
Another typical water quackery promotion, flogging nonsense about "cellular rejuvenation" and water "vibrations". Don't fall for the ridiculous claims made at their local "seminar" huckster pitches, [2/2011]
MegaHydrin, MegaH structured water, hydride ion bunk Flanagan's version of MicroHydrin ("..the most potent source of free radical fighting electrons available today. It has been shown to neutralize the most dangerous free radicals, increase hydration, and help establish pH balance.") since he parted ways with Royal Body Care. See Microhydrin below.
Merus Water Treatment System
scale control by vibrations
"oscillations" of some kind for scale and corrosion control.
MHD Systens magnetic water tmt. Magnetic scale control/removal. As with many others, they claim that it utilized MHD (magnetohydrodynamics), despite the fact that MHD is observed only in gasseous plasmas, and has never been reported in water or other liquids; nor is it likely ever to be!  All this MHD bumpf simply disguises this from yet another [dubious] magnetic water treatment scheme. [2014.08]
Micro Cluster Water Machine  structured water uses electrolysis to reduce cluster size
Microcyn ™
Their present Web page is so bland that it tells you essentially nothing, but judging from the nonsensical hype on an earlier version, they appear to be marketing what amounts to ordinary laundry bleach as a high-tech medical disinfectant.



structured water,

hydride ion bunk

Flanagan "silica hydride" microclusters. According to a former page flogging this product, "One capsule of Microhydrin™ provides more electrons than a truck load of other antioxidants." (Chemistry students: what do you think about that?!) This brief YouTube video by "Dr." Flanagan is wrong about the Sun (its hydrogen is stripped of electrons, and is thus positive, not negative) and his analogy with "negative hydrogen ions" and their supposed health benefits is an entirely false one.

"Microhydrin delivers enormous amounts of electrons to your body with each capsule. This increases the bodies ability to communicate between the cells, resulting in a more efficient system."

MicroSilk hydrotherapy
oxygenated water
Bath recirculating aerator hyped with ridiculous health claims. [2011.10]
"ionized water"
They say "Why Pay $4,000 for 'Kangen Water' Are You Crazy?". Well, one is just as much of a sucker to by any of this company's products.
MineralPRO   This MLM offers a RO unit that adds minerals to the water (following their previous removal!). But why not just eat a balanced diet? Or at least deal with an outfit that avoids misleading hype about their product reducing the risk of heard disease and cancer, providing better hydration, etc. etc. [2/2011]
Miracle 6
 structured water
Computer program to cluster water, transmit prayers to God — if you can believe in this crap.
Miracle Mineral Supplement (MMS)
Wikipedia article
A toxic water-disinfectant based on sodium chorite and chlorine dioxide, ridiculously hyped as a cure-all by one Jim Humble. [7/10] ... and the the subject of a US Justice Dept. prosecution of a church-based promotion.
Miracle Water   see JSK Miracle Water; also see Electrolytic Oxidized Water.
Miracle II water   see Master's Miracle water
MiraCoil   see Sound Energy Research
Miracule Water
weird, weird
These vendors of alchemical quackery claim to increase the "concentration of the Elements of Life (known variously as Monoatomic 'Monatomic' elements, ORME -"Orbitally Rearranged Monoatomic Elements", ORMUS, White Powder Gold, M-State, transition group Metal Ions), believed to be referenced in the Holy Bible" .. etc. etc.
molecular correction tchnology   see Energy Water
Molecular Surface Energy Realignment   electromagnetic induction; see ScaleBan
Monopole magnets   A yet-to-be-discovered hypothetical particle, but this does not stop some magnet merchants from making nonsensical misuse of this term in their marketing; see Magnetizer®.
Mpulse 3000 "Deep Blue"
electrostatic magic
A highly dubious scheme claiming to use electrical "impulses" to keep swimming pool surfaces free of scale.
MRET Water Activator
structured/energized water by light
Smirnov Magnetic Resonance Effect Technology; this classic snake-oil is supposed to improve body "hydration" by the black magic of "transmits pre-recorded molecular activity messages to biological systems." Many of the other claims are similar to those made by the cluster-quackery sites.
Update your DNA: "the software console to your metamind" provides "direct access to your DNA through the vastness of your subconscious mind".
Nano Resonance Technology (NRT)
electromagnetic fluid treatment
Treats water, fuel and gases: "The NRT technology alters the molecular structure of fluids that changes the energy state of the molecule. This change is accomplished through the square wave frequency principal modulating the carrier." Don't belive it! [12/07)
Nano Vita water
structured water
The usual bumpf about "rebalancing DNA structure",  "cell detoxification". Don't believe any of it!  [2016.07]
"Nascent" oxygen
oxygenated water
An old name for monatomic oxygen (as opposed to O2)
Natural Action Structured Water Unit vortex water + cluster quackery Through the use of "vortex action", this goofy device purports to restructure water so that it detoxifies cells, increases mental awareness, makes plants grow better, reduces bathroom odors, promotes longer life, etc. etc.  Don't believe it! [2013.3]
Natural Activation Water Technology
see Aqua Life
Natural Cellular Defense   see Zeolite
NaturSoft - Pelican
crystallization catalyst
"The NaturSoft™ media is a catalyst with calcium carbonate crystals on its surface... As the crystals grow and extend further and further from the surface of the bead crystal fragments get broken off and are carried away by the water flow serving as seed crystals for further crystal formation downstream in the plumbing system." OK, but will this reduce hardness beyond saturation levels?
Nectar of the Universe
energized water
Silly name, silly claims: "Nectar of the Universe Energized Water is revitalized water, energetically charged with life giving vibrations. Nectar of the Universe Energized Water can return the body to a natural state of harmony ..."
negative hydrogen ions
 structured water
see MicroHydrin
Nelsen Scale Prevention
Mechanism claimed to be similar to that for Nextfiltration (below), but similarly dubious.  Their silly claim that The "size of the bonds [in the  putative nanocrystals] is so small (in the range of nano-meters) that they can only be seen with a microscope" does little to inspire confidence in their scientific credibility; microscopes cannot resolve such tiny dimensions! [2013.12]
water weirdness

Want to re-program your DNA? Neocode is a computer program that "impresses water with frequencies that are able to bring about objectives within the human body by catalyzing and unlocking the body's own natural abilities and latent potential."

NES Infoceuticals   Pseudoscientific babble involving [non-existent] "body fields" and "information imprinting"; seems to involve electrically sending "specific frequencies that synchronize energy usage, based on the specific frequencies we’ve mapped to each organ, system and sub-system of the body. This results in improved wellbeing. Sure! [2014.05]
NextFiltration ScaleStop
"catalytic" water tmt
A polymer material employs "template-assisted crystallization" to precipitate carbonate from water before it can deposit as scale. Although this lacks independent verification, the company, to their credit, offers some actual test data — very unusual for this industry!

  Pi-Mag Water
Nikken magnetic junk sci.

 far-infrared bunk
magnetic bunk
Nikken is a pseudoscience supermarket that offers a huge variety of alternative-health products of dubious value through hundreds of independent dealers. Many based on weird-water, "far-infrared" and magnetic pseudoscientific nonsense. See Pi-Mag water below.
Noah's Quest  structured water

see CellCore Clustered Water ™

"..extremely pure distilled water.. is exposed to special ceramics, it is treated with lasers and extremely strong magnetic fields to create water "clusters."... entering the cell system very rapidly and replenishing inter-cellular water. Dr. Lee Lorenzen's breakthrough allows us to actually help maintain clustered water levels in the body and thus protect the cellular integrity we had when we were young."

noble gas signatures   Sound Energy Research promotes the exceedingly weird idea that they can impress the "signatures" of the noble gas elements on water. For example, "[ with] Neon there is some beneficial effect by increasing energy to the Root Chakra, which seems to improve the immune system, helping to destroy some of these invading organisms ." Anyone who falls for this rubbish deserves what they won't get!
Nolte, Clayton   Please see Natural Action Structured Water
Nordic Water Systems  wonky water Vortex energy field and other weird stuff. See also my old "Nordic Bunk" page.
NuScience see CellFood®
oxygenated water
This high-pressure pitch and its misleading "how-it-works" page perpetuate the long-discredited myth that insufficient oxygenation of the blood is a) widespread, and b) is a primary cause of cancer. NutriO2 is described as a form of what I debunk as "stabilized activated oxygen", and for which similar claims have been disallowed by the FDA.
nuvoH2O   This "salt-free" water softener is supposed to chelate the hardness ions, possibly using citric acid. There is some theoretical basis for this, but no published performance data that I could find. [6/09]
 oxygenated water
special "diffusion technology"... "increasing the oxygen content of water by 700%". Wow!
Oculus Microcyn Technology
Their former Web site masqueraded as a sophisticated site for medical practicioners, marketing electrolytically-produced "super-oxidized" waters (essentially, over-priced laundry bleach) for topical "wound management" applications. Their present site is a model of blandness, offering no clue to what they produce.
magnetized water
Their "Hydrodynamic Magnetic Resonance technology" claims to "break apaft water clusters" and thus promote better "hydration" of the body. I describe similar nonsense on my structured water page. [2011.04]
catalytic bunk
The product from Watts, an otherwise respected company, is said to be "based in science and proven"; both of these claims are highly dubious.
One Water Systems electromagnetic Claims to soften water: "Using low voltage, high frequency impulses it changes "hard water" minerals calcium and magnesium to water soluble, non-adherent form." But one wonders about their competence in chemistry when they say that their "Amp Force Technology" transforms "insoluble" calcium bicarbonate crystals (which cannot exist) into calcite which they seem to think is soluble.
ORME and ORMUS wonky water "Orbitally Re-arranged Metallic Elements" are supposed to be "non-metallic forms" of metallic elements; Googling on this topic yields up some of the weirdest stuff I have ever seen, proving that alchemy still has its True Believers!
See here for my descriptions of two particular promotions of these snake oils.  [2013.07]
ionized water
This means "oxidation-reduction potential" and is often used (inappropriately, of course) by hucksters of "antioxidant" water. Please see here for a brief explanation of ORP and antioxidants.
Osmosis Harmonized Water   Please see Harmonized Water
Oxygen Elements Plus oxygen supplements "Nobody has Enough Hydrogen or 02, Not on this Planet".. but this outfit has plenty of B.S.!
Oxygen Store
oxygenated water
"Stabilized oxygen" produced by a "proprietary method of bonding oxygen to water molecules."
Oxygen Super Charger
oxygenated water
Another oxygen-quackery site
Oxygenated Water   Waters and "sports beverages" purporting to improve body's oxygenation
oxygenated water
"..a specifically designed compound which has been ozonated and stabilized to release beneficial free monatomic oxygen into the intestinal tract and body can melt away or oxidize the compaction from the small intestine, large intestine and colon safe and effectively.
Ozone therapy
oxygenated water
Dangerous nonsense about the "benefits" of ingesting ozone-rich water (9/07)
Panguitch Water
structured water
Another nostrum that purports to improve "cellular hydration".
Panther stabilizers catalytic water/fuel trtmt. "Panther Fuel Stabilizer prevents covalent bonding ( or sharing of valence fields) of the fuel molecules which keeps the hydrocarbon aggregates in fine colloidal suspensions."
Pelican NaturSoft
catalytic water trtmt.
Claims to induce formation of carbonate "microcrystals" that act as deposition nuclei — but this can't really "soften" water; as any first-year chemistry student should know, the water is still saturated in CaCO3. [~7/09].
Perfect Sommelier
magnetic treatment
magnetic bottle top purporting to improve the taste of wine
Perfect Water, Perfect Empowered" drinking water , Natural Action Water
cluster-quackery, alkaline water
This reincarnation of an old trade name promises to "enhance performance, build strength, improve balance, increase flexibility" and improve "hydration". This product of "The Wllness Enterprise" combines the fable of "structured water" with paeons to alkaline water into a series of swarmy pages offering up back-to-nature nonsense (for a price!). Their 34-page pdf brochure is full of pseudoscientific bafflegab; don't believe any of it!  [>2013.11]
pH-ion pH Balance
ionized water
Combines "ionized" and "structured" water bunk: "Structures and Clusters Your Water for optimal absorption ... Infuses Your Body With Charged Ions... The Carriers of Energy"
Photon Disk   see Aaron Rosewater
Photonic ionization
far-infrared bunk
An apparent stock promotion; see Spectrum Oil Corp.
Pi Water (ACM)
structured water
"Pi-Water is iron base compound derived from bivalent and trivalent ferrates... Pi-Water is said as "living body water"... apparently yet another "unclustered" fiction from Japan.
Pi Water, Pi-Mag water (Nikken)
Pi-water bunk
Dubious water filter system employing magnets; "...the pi in PiMag comes from ceramic elements that impart the same energy found in Nikken products with Far-Infrared Technology."
PIMA Water
far-infrared bunk
"photonic ionization"; see Spectrum Oil Corp
Platonic Solid Inversion Geometry   see Wheeler
pHlife - AlkaZone
ionized water
produces reduced water with a large mass of electrons
"Photonic ionization"
Dubious stock promotion for desalinization, treatment device
Photonic Structured Water
structured water
This product invokes a weird mixture of biophotonic bumpf, vortex voodoo, and plain scientific-sounding nonsense to convince the science-challended that their "RainMaker" device can "revitalize" water.  [2014.05]

Plasma-activated water


There is scientific evidence that exposing water to a plasma discharge can render it into a potentially useful disinfectant agent; see here.

But beware of unbelievable claims that promote PAW as an elixir of life, such as this one from a now disappeared site.

platonic solids   see Sound Energy Research
Powerful Healing Water   see Cat's Claw
prayers   see Miracle6
Prill Beads
wonky water
Prill beads are "magnesium oxide infused with Life Force... [which] transform water at the molecular level." Weird!
Primordial M-Water   structure-altered water; see Wheeler
Proton Labs sructured, ionized water Another MLM promotion trolloing for suckers; they offer a worthless "functional" water. The company was recently the target of FDA prosecuation relating to false claims about anthrax prevention.
pseudoscience   see What is pseudoscience?
PTH ("Protection Against Total Hardness") Catalytic water treatment Claim that electric field within device "neutralizes ions" (absurd!) and "the molecules" (what molecules?) "are rearranged". In a new twist, they say that"scale binders such as silica, alumina and calcium sulphate are broken down" ... almost certainly untrue. As usual, no performance data.  [2016.06]
Pure Charge Energetic Detox Spa (QFAC)
detox foot-bath bunk
"The Pure-Charge Energetic Spa™ unit can rebalance energy meridians through the bio-charge. The complex energy fields of the unit permeate the water, realigning a body’s energy field. Many of the benefits of the unit can be attributed to the "re-balancing" of these energy lines allowing a body mass to function better. The action results in the initial purging of toxins and nucleic waste product generated within the cells and surrounding membrane."
Pure Intent Water
Low surface-tension, "energy fields", Bovis vibrations— all the usual hallmarks of pseudoscientific snake oil.
Purestream "Pi-Alkaline" water filter alkaline water, structured water Typical crackpot device that invokes magnets falsely claimed to "structure" water, stabilize pH, improve circulation, etc. etc.
Pursanova ™ water and ores
Wonky water
This rather bizarre water-treatment process purports to use some mysterious mineral ore to "resonate" with water, conferring upon it all sorts of curative and beneficial properties.
Wonky water
This classic snake oil "is a specially processed, purified water that is memory free" that nevertheless purports to convey some mysterious kind of "information" to the skin in order to prevent basal cell carcinoma. Don't believe it!
Q-Ray ion-generating jewelry "ionized bracelet" balances body's positive and negative ions
Wonky Water
The former "Essential Energy Water"; "harnesses the energy of nature with harmonics that resonate in unison with the body’s crystalline structures to energize our cells."
Quantum Secret   They offer many kinds of goofy products, including "Living Essence Water" [2013-1]
Quantum Tech Water
Wonky water
Use of a "special laser ... organizes virtual photon particle waves. This energetic particle oscillates the near ultra-violet part of the electromagnetic spectrum, but propagates the inverse/reciprocal space-time realm of 5-space, i.e., a higher spacial dimension. This derives a time-reversed particle wave running the laws of thermodynamics (2nd law/entropy) in reverse." [link]... and similar pseudoscientific BS.
RainDance   ESF Scale Prevention by zeta-potential-induced clustering of Ca2+ ions
redox magic
"Chlorine removal" products for bath/shower. Claim that in their "crystal ball" product "The crystalline quartz mixed with the media reduces the molecular structure of water into smaller clusters" is highly dubious. Replacement of Cl2 by Cl implies that metallic ions of Cu, Mn, or Zn (the first two of which are toxic) are also produced.

structured water

This snake oil purports to improve cellular hydration by adding electrons to water (impossible!). These dolts make the absurd claim that their "E2 Technology" "is alkalized without adding chemcals", and "electron energized", whatever that is supposed to mean. [3/2010]
Redox Water Systems structured water This gramatically-challenged site offers a "Activated Hydrogen Systems" device for which they make thoroughly umbelievable (and scientifically absurd) claims. Samples: ""proprietary organic minerals" in their filter device [stimulate] the charges of the hydrogen atoms" ... "Each orb resonate a frequency, delivering a subtle electric charge to the water, activating the hydrogen atoms (electrons) and organizing water molecule clusters, raising solubility and antibacterial properties" [2013.03]
"reduced water"
Wonky water
See "Hydrogen-rich water"
Restore (nutritional supplement)
Wonky water
A lignite-derived humic product claiming to promote gut health. [2017.10]
"reverse-spin" water
Energized water
see Essential Energy Lifeforce Water, Bernardini "Research Institute"
Revitalized Bio-Active Water
structured water
Also known as "Bio-genic Activator", his nostrum purports to turn water into "a stable thermodynamically unbalanced system" called "Hydro Plasma" which you can assimilate with "less expenditures of free energy."
structured water
A "hyper-hydrating" wonder-water based on crackpot physics.
 oxygenated water
See Vitamin O
Royal Body Care  

 structured water

see MicroHydrin
Rythm Structured H2O
structured water
Just another bottled water employing junk science in trying to present itself as special.
SafeWater Systems
 catalytic WT
Catalytic water conditioner utilizing "Amplified Catalytic Power", work by "by changing the valence or chemical charge of calcium carbonate"
Sante Water
"reverse-spin" water
This appears to be another version of "Essential Energy" water based on "reverse spin" and the "Bovis" (bogus!) energy scale.
Sang Whang Enterprises   see AlkaLife
Savastat SC
EM scale contro
Introduces "randomly varying electrical fields" into the water which "propagate throughout the entire plumbing system." They offer detailed explanations that appear to depend more on wishful thinking than on established science. They offer no quantitative performance data.
Scalarwave Structured Water ™
structured water
Another typical water-cluster snake oil
ScaleAway   mag water treatment SoPhTec magnetic water conditioner
ScaleBan ™
EM scale control
scale control by "Molecular Surface Energy Realignments", inducing aragonite rather than calcite formation
EM scale control
"ScaleBlaster's signal cable produces an oscillating electric field using a unique and complex modulating frequency wave form that produces an inaudible sonic impulse that changes the electrical and physical properties of the scale-forming calcium molecules."
Scale-Buster ®
cavitation scale control
The ISB Ion Scalebuster claims to use an "electro-static and cavitational process with Galvanic action" to precipitate calcium carbonate directly into the water stream. (1/08)
EM scale control
"the Scalehammer device reproduces magnetic field frequencies and intensities that are perfectly calibrated for dissolving scale buildup...state of the art eletromagnetic frequencies, which are natual, environmentally friendly..."
wonky water
A 'saltless water softener' based on the scientifically absurd claim that it contains a "quartz crystal and precious metals that have been manufactured and arranged in a particular way to which it emits a frequency wave that is able to restructure the water molecules permanently giving you the feeling of soft water. "  [2013.10]
ScaleStop   Please see NextFiltration/Scalestop above
EM scale control
Applies a "complex amplitude-modulaed frequency0modulaed polarit-changing waveform [which] creates a de-ionizing effect... which increases the solubility of he minerals and colloids in the liquid..."
EM scale control
Claims to cause scale to precipitate in water, rather than on pipe walls by passing an alternating current through a coil wrapped around the pipe to be treated.

Schauberger, Viktor (1885-1958)
vibes and vortexes
Search this name on Google and you will come up with thousands of sites promoting such things as anti-gravity, orgone energy, "free energy", and similar nonsense. See this brief Wikipedia article. Some typical Schauberger sites are here and here.
Seid, Rev. Mary   magnetic gewgaws and weirdness; visit site to see her aura!
Shooter Buddy
magnetic wine aging
"The Shooter Buddy quickly realigns the particles in your beverage by surrounding them with extremely powerful Neodymium (ne-o-dím-e-um) magnets"
shungite 1 2
magical minerals
This rare anthracite-coal-like mineral is widely promoted to cure all ills, protect you from electromagnetic radiation and from the machinations of aliens. [2009.11]
Sicon Aqua Activator ™
 wonky water
crystal vibrations activate water, remove "negative patterns", "creates positive resonance"
Silk Springs Super-Water
ionized water
"charged with Platinum and Electrum" (don't ask!)
signal transduction see Nonsense about signal transduction and "cellular resonance
SmartKlean Laundry Ball Magnetic cleaning aids I suspect that a rock would be as effective!
Smirnov, Igor
wonky water
Author of a "junk patent" on "Smirnov Magnetic Resonance Effect technology", MRET water
Solavite / Solavitec
catalytic conditioners
"SOLAVITE is a diamagnetic catalyst ... In use, the cells cause changes in the attractive and magnetic forces between the liquid, the mineral particles, the pipes, and the fixtures."
Soo-Soft softener
EM scale control
This "digital water softening" device apparently relies on the usual black magic. [2/2010]
Soul Solé water
structured water
"Structured water is alive. It contains only pure memories, and as SoulSolé is electrically charged, it allows oxygen to flow through it and amends ones pH levels." Weird nonsense for suckers! [2/2011]
Sound Energy Research

 structured water

All kinds of really weird stuff here! Their Hexagonal Scalarwave Structured Water™ "bring structured information, which is inaudible, subtle and intangible into the realm of a tangible science. ... Since scalars (but not transverse EM vectors) exist in 5-dimensional space/time, they do not decay with time or distance from their source and have other unusual quantum properties."
Spectrum Oil Corp stockbunk "photonic ionization" stock promo
Springs-of-life water

 structured water

"...utilizes "structured water" principles, that serve as a catalyst which helps to accelerate the healing process, assimilate nutrients more efficiently, increase enzyme activity, and strengthen the immune system."
"Stabilized Oxygen" stabilized oxygen Various nostrums of unspecified composition, purported to purify water, prevent free radical formation, prevent cancer, etc. Some mfrs. have been prosecuted by FTC.
Stabilized Water of Canada Ltd scale control by depressurization "Utilizing household water pressure as its energy source, the CATALYTIC 1000 converts hardness producing calcium bicarbonate into Calcite..."  In my opinion, this is complete nonsense:  calcite (calcium carbonate) is NOT a water-softening agent, it does not attract calcium and magnesium or prevent scale formation, and  “calcium bicarbonate” has never been shown to exist. These people seem to have very little background in basic chemistry!
Starchamber Products, Starchember Receiver
The "Starchamber" is supposed to "collect free energy flowing through space and all living and non living things." The "Receiver" is one of many goofy Twilight products that claims to "resonate with the planetary energies on a subspace channel, using the energy that animates all life." [4/09]
Starfire Water wonky water This nostrum is not only "structured" (and thus "removes toxins from your body") and "energized", but, unlike competing products, this water is infused with "Etherium, a trace form of liquid gold known to facilitate higher awareness."  [2013.02]
Starlytes Specially Structured Water  structured water see Zanier Water
Sterling Water Conditioner
catalytic water conditioner
"..operates by passing water over a specific alloy metallic inner core. As the water passes over the core ,,,electrons pass into the water to interact with the colloidal mineral particles present in the water." Claims to reduce the water's surface tension and increase it's "zeta potential".
Stir Wand
structured water,
Wonky water
Stirring your drinking water with this magical device purportedly transforms it to provide better hydration, oxygenation, and toxin removal for your body. Don't believe it!
Storey, Everett (1914-1988) oxygenated water Promoter of deuterium as dietary supplement
Structured Water
cluster quackery

Any number of nostrums hawked to the science-challenged with false claims that the water molecules are arranged in "clusters" or other geometric forms that are more readily absorbed or are better for you.

For the device from The Wellness Enterprise claimed to make "structured water", please see here.

Structured Water Unit
cluster quackery
A commercial product exemplifying the nonsense described above, plus "vortex science". [7/2009]
Sun Mountain structured water silliness
structured water
Their "Structured Water Unit is a geometrically tuned chamber with specific geometrical forms creating an energy environment for water to structure itself." Among the other ridiculous claims, they say that "innovative technology eliminates negative energy patterns"... and most of the usual water-cluster garbage.
Super-acidic water ionizer ionized water "industrial model produces produce super acidic water(ph <= 2.5) for cleansing and anti-virus, anti-becteria purposes." (Only $2500!)
super-oxygenated waters
oxygenated water
Just over- hyped versions of worthless "oxygenated water" products
Superior Water Conditioner magnetic water trtmt. Uses a series of magnets which are supposed to precipitate scale in recirculating systems before it can accumulate; cites varous supporting studies such as the one I discuss here,
Survival Enterprises stabilized oxygen "liquid concentrate of electrolytes of oxygen, ... sodium and chlorine, [which] act as the oxygen carriers. The molecular oxygen is released through the digestive process, and is absorbed into the bloodstream
Tachyon water
wonky water
Also called (misleadingly) "Superconductor water", this "Tachyonized" snake-oil "draws life-force energy to every cell in your body, allowing your body to begin a physical and emotional detoxification."
Taicho Stone mineralbunk
"emits natural energy"; see Wellness Filter
Talya Water
structured water
Unbelievable nonsense: "Through an electrically generated field of energy and a science known only to quantum physicists, the zero-point of magnetic energy waves interact with water and calibrate the atomic structure of passing H20, thus restoring bonding angles of Hydrogen and Oxygen to optimized structuring." [2012.04]
Template-assisted crystallization (TAC) "catalytic" water tmt. A process in which a specially treated polymer surface promotes formation of carbonate crystals before they are able to deposit as scale. Although independent assessment is still lacking, there is quantitative evidence to suggest that this actually works.
Template Induction Process
structured water
A highly dubious homeopathic-like water structuring process; see CellCore
Tennant "Electrically-activated water"
"ionized" water
Tennant's new industrial cleaning wonder "works by unlocking the vast amounts of energy stored in the water molecule H2O." But they offer little evidence to support this hype, and their claim that it uses "no added chemicals" is ridiculous. Tennant has been sued in Germany for misleading advertising has been made to withdraw some of its claims in Germany, Belgium and the UK.
Tensa Water
structured water
Marketed as a "skin care" product, this makes the misleading claim that it contains "a high concentration of negative ions", and the nonsense claim that it "hydrated and detoxified the body" faster than ordinary water". (07.6)
The Big Pitcher
oxygenated water
Makes the usual misleading claim that is "a convenient and safe way to supplement your body’s oxygen." 
THE Water
structured water
"Our proprietary process increases the speed of the water molecule to inflate cells by instantly lining up the hydrogen molecules in a chain, plus to minus, in order to permit rapid entry into all cells..." [2011.10]
The Water Enterprise (TWE)
structured water
Devices claimed to impart "energy" to water, increasing ones "life-force energy", and immunity, aligning chackras, etc. etc., all based on dubious "reports" and goofy scientific-sounding nonsense.   [2015.04]
wonky water
Hawkers of this mineral claim that it emits far-IR energy. So does everything else!
Triangular Wave Technologies electromagnetic water treatment Yet another "coil-around-the-pipe" device that claims to control or remove scale through the magic of a "triangular" waveform.  Very little reason to believe that this is effective and can "soften" water.
Tri-Clean Laundry Disk
magnetic water treatment
Employs "special sophisticated ceramics" that are supposed to "dissociate" the water molecules, enabling them to more readily penetrate the fabric.
wonky water
Bizarre "Subtle energy products" that claim to "adjust the geometric structures of any liquid so the light particles flowing through molecules are transiting in the most efficient and rapid manner possible."
True Green laundry ball magnetic laundry balls Combines magnets, "far-infrared", "negative ions" and public ignorance of science. Three kinds of bunk for the price of one!
"catalytic" alloy
involves "surface chemical reaction between the crystalline structures, which exist in the water, and the metal alloy". "electrons are being captured from the water into the core and dispersed from the core back into the water ...there is a very definite cathode/anode reaction occurring." Don't believe it!
hydrogenated water
The magnesium cup in their water pitcher is supposed to react with water to generate hydrogen, converting ordinary water into a "fountain of youth".  Except that it isn't; but more seriously, as anyone who has passed high school Chemistry should know, this reaction only takes place if the H2O is in the form of steam!   [11.2015]
Twilight Industries now sells through "Life Enthusiast"
 structured water
A mini-supermarket of dumb quackery: Their Star Chamber Receiver "will pull in Life Force and fill your space."; "Prill Beads" employs "force of love"to re-structue water. All goofy nonsense! [4/09 r]
Ultimate Water
cluster quackery
Their Utopic Structured Water Unit employs far-out pseudoscience to bring you all the benefits of smaller, high-energy water clusters. [2010.11]
unclustered waters   water products claiming reduced "cluster" size
Universal Harmonizer
Crystal-pyramid device that employs biophotons to erase water-memories and cleanse and strengthen body chakras and energy fields
U.S. Federal Technology Alert on MWT
magnetic water tmt.
Flawed assessment of magnetic water treatment, now withdrawn, but widely available at huckster sites.
van Liew, Fred wonky water quackery The "Water Doctor", flogger of "reverse spin" water and Bovis B.S.
Vi-Aqua Hosemate, Plantmate
crackpot water tmt.
An electronic device that fits onto the end of a hose, injecting radio signals into the water to "energize" it, to stimulate plant growth. Don't believe it!
Vitalizer Plus™
structured water
energized water
vortex water
Device purports to create "hexagonal water." "... highly powerful vortex, electromagnetic fields and ceramic materials emitting FIR energy emulate the natural phenomena which create healthy water in nature.The end result is a super wetting hexagonal structure carrying extra oxygen, energy and ionic minerals deep into the cellular environment." Classic junk pseudoscience.
Vitamin O (RoseCreek)  oxygenated water "Electrically activated oxygen" supplement: "Greater youthfulness", "Improved mobility" - recent FTC action for false advertising
VitaTech Triple Water Purifier
wonky water
Employs goofey "vitality enhancing technology" that claims to erase bad "frequency memory" of water through quantum pseudoscience, far-infrared, and similar common scam-schemes. [2/2010]
wonky water
Employs a magical collection of "natural minerals (nono-crystals)" to "create an harmonizing and ordering paramagnetic resonance field that enables the water to restructure its molecules", the creating a "re-vitalised water". For suckers only!
Vivo Water
cluster quackery
Their earlier pages made claims similar to that of former CellCore Clustered Water ™. "This product developed by Dr. Lee Lorenzen allows us to help maintain clustered water levels in the body and thus protect the cellular integrity we had when we were young." The present (2015) site drops most of this and mainly claims enhanced antioxidant properties and the ability to return the body to a "state of healthy hydration, energy, and balance" (whatever this is supposed to mean.)  But note that the product is manufactured by "Cluster Solutions"! [2015.06-
Vorsong Iceberg Energy Water (Feng Shui brand) Wonky Water A classic example of mixing new-age nonsense with irrelevant science — but the site has beautiful graphics.
Vortex Energizer vibes and vortexes "Because of the special water it contains and its shape, the Vortex Energiser acts as a cosmic antenna and amplifier which takes its energy directly from the Quantum Sea of Energy (also called the Ether), a subtle form of energy which is all around us." Wierd nonsense!
Vortex Water System vortex bunk, structured water "Vortex water is spun through a number of tubes to remove iron and other minerals that results in rain-soft water that is better tasting."
VRTX Technologies
scale control by depressurization
CO2 removal from HCO3 by "vacuum lens" which produces an "intense zone of energy causes high temperatures and pressures with sufficient energy to effect the equilibrium of chemical equations of molecules. Microorganisms are typically incapable of surviving and mineral bonds in water are broken as they pass through the system." The company's current Web site is far more bland, and says essentially nothing about how the process is supposed to work.
VWP (Vitalized Water Products)
Uses "special frequency resonance technology" to soften water and raise its pH without chemicals (impossible!) and other claims ranging from the dubious to the ridiculous.
structured water
This "polarized water "designed to stimulate our metabolism and other beneficial biological activity at the cellular level" is just as dumb as its name sounds. The claim that this nostrum is imbued with a magical "SG gas" that alters the structure of water molecules from H–O–H to O–H–H an absurdity that any first-year Chemistry student should be able to debunk. [2015.09]
ionized & sructured water
Claims to make "Ionized Microcluster Alkaline Water", thus combining two highly dubious technologies with water filter overkill. Their water-contaminant "health damage" table is egregiously misleading. If all you need is a water filter without the snake oil, there are far better choices. [10/09]
Water Band
This elastic band "has been encoded with the frequencies of Mother Nature's Falling Rainwater." Just snap it around your beverage or bottle, and invigorate your blood!
water "ionizers" and "alkalyzers"   see "Ionized water scams"
water structure   see A gentle introduction to Water and its structure
Water Changer
crackpot water tmt.
An older version of this site claimsto treat water by applying a radio-frequency signa to the plumbing system.  Now they say the device works in an entirely different way, by "changing the ions in water" ... [it] "applies negative charges to the water molecule, thereby breaking the hydrogen bonds between the water molecules and the minerals." This sounds even dumber to me... or probably to anyone who has passed high school chemistry!   [2016.06]
water clusters   short-lived groupings of H2O molecules in water; see above reference
"water coils" vibes and vortexes coiled tubes purported to "revitalize" water
Water Energizer electrolytic water tmt. Invokes unlikely electrochemistry to control scale formation. [2012.01]
Water for Life
magnetic water tmt.
This Australian outfit claims a variety of agricultural and environmental applications employing what they call "magnetic-hydrodynamic resonance" (??!)
EM scale control
"creates a change in the water structure by using the polarity of frequencies in conjunction with oscillation including high amplitude spikes". [3/08]
Water Imp
EM scale control
Uses "powerful low fequency signals" prevent or remove calcium carbonate scale.
Water King
EM scale control
Scale control by injection of a ULF radio signal which they claim promotes carbonate nucleation.
Water Pal
EM scale control
Yet another scale control device, this one employing "vortexing electromagnetic fields." They claim that the scale is turned into "calcium bicarbonate", which does not exist. They probably mean [soluble] bicarbonate ions, but this can only be done by making the water more acidic; how they accomplish this is not explained.  As usual, no performance data is offered.  [2015.06]
crackpot water treatment
Made-in-Japan nonsense purporting to produce "ionized" water with "smaller clusters".
Water Resonator
This "water-balancing" device, "designed and hadmade by Buddhist monks", combines magnets, crystals, and copper winding to do its magic, whatever that is supposed to be. (1/09)
Water Smacker
A device that is supposed to impose a negative electrostatic charge on water — and then they descend into outlandish pseudoscience, such as "sends he natural Schumann frequencies of he Earth into the water..."  Worth a look for laughs, but don't believe any of it! [2017.10]
Waters of Wellness. WOW4Life
wonky water
Yet another goofy snake oil by Clayton Nolte.  [2014.10]
Watts OneFlow ® catalytic scale control Employs an epitaxial crystallization scheme that may work in theory, but has apparently not been verified in the technical literature, and will in any case not "soften" the water.
Wayback Water
wonky-weird, water cluster quackery
An earlier version of this site made bizarre claims about causing "vibrational frequencies" to be implanted into the water with a magical laser that raises the water to a “high quantum spin state.”

  But this has now all changed, and they are now onto the [equally false] schtick that water clusters must be broken up before they can be taken up by the body and produce "cellular hydration".  [2012, 2017.04]
Wellan Ring
wonky water
A completely goofy device based on thoroughly crackpot chemistry that purports to inject "frequencies" into water that that breaks up scale-forming and other undesirable substances in water.  This is so far out that I suspect it might be a spoof site! [2017.04]
Wellness Enterprise, The
structured water
Yet another dumb promotion of "hexagonally-structured water". Don't believe any of their goofy claims! [2015.03]

Wellness Filter
N. American site
Earlier Australian site

Australian site

structured water

Employs "rare Japanese minerals, high gauss magnets and proprietary ceramics" to produce a water with reduced surface tension that "releases naturally-formed, negative ions [which] act like dilute antioxidants and neutralize free radicals." "Tests on the assimilation of nutritional supplements will show an increase in not only the rate of absorption of substances dissolved in this unique water but also in the percentage of the compound absorbed."
Wheeler - Dr. David Wheeler, M-water

structured water

This product claims (without offering any evidence) to use "Platonic Solid Inversion Geometry" to cluster water and improve the environment. "M-Water Activation Technology™ recreates ideal natural forces of water movement and vibrational input that is emitted from the ground. In this technology, water movement is Super Coherent in order to eliminate all randomness, and the materials used to emit vibrational signals are optimized in terms of their total support of living chemistry. "
magnetic scale control
magnetically-produced "monatomic H2O molecules" (!)
magnetic fuel treatment
magnetic fuel energizer
Willard Water
structured water
This brew is described as a micellar "catalyst that alters the structure of wate... [that] significantly increases the body’s ability to fully absorb essential vitamins and nutrients."  But I have my doubts!   [2013.08]
magnetic treatment
see Perfect Sommelier, BevWizard Wine Enhancer
X2O, Xooma water
alkaline water
A typical nonsense-filled site trying to sucker people into a MLM scheme and falsely purporting that their water, being "wetter", will improve cellular hydration, offer some of the dubious benefits of coral-derived minerals , and otherwise protect against the [nonexistent] dangers of "acidic" foods and water.
catalytic treatment
Claims to precipitate scale on "stabilized crystals of activated lime". But check out link to the left! [6/09]
Zanier Water
cluster quackery
"This re-vitalized water has energetic properties conducive to maximum hydration, optimal oxygen and nutrient delivery and effective toxin removal."
Various dubious promotions of solid and [ficticious] "liquid" zeolites as miracle cures for every ill apparently capitalize on the ion-exchange properties of these clay-like crystals. Typical one here.
zero-point energy   Any commercial promotion that claims to involve zero-point energy can safely be considered frauduant.
Zeta Core
catalytic water tmt
"The electrons delivered decrease the surface tension of the water and inhibit the formation of scale/mineral build-up and hard water spots. The Zeta Core© water conditioner increases the "Zeta Potential" which keeps mineral particles from coming in contact with one another."
Zeta Rod
electrostatic water tmt
Uses a high voltage field to induce coagulation of suspended particles and to prevent biofouling; also claims to prevent scale (doubtful!)
Zunami Water
cluster quackery
Claims similar to that of former CellCore Clustered Water ™; "Zunami™ is highly purified water that has been raised to a high level of electromagnetic power"

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