Chem1 Virtual Textbook
Recent major changes/additions

Commencing in early 2016, the Chem1 lesson sets are gradually being updated to current standards, including HTML-5, CSS3, addition of microdata, and "responsiveness" — i.e., ability to adapt to tablets and hand-held devices. The latter is a rather labor-intensive task, and will begin with the more elementary sections.

Date Item Remarks
2016.08 Atoms and the periodic table Extensive revisions,  including update to current page design
2016.06 Sections 5c and 33 extensive revisions, and now responsive
2014.12 3 The Basics: Idea of the Atom major revision
2014.09 20 - Acud-base equilibria and calculations Complete re-write, now organized into seven lessons
2013.08 2 - Getting Started in Chemistry Major revision, added YouTube links
2013.08 3 - The Basics... Major revision, added YouTube links
2012.09 Chemical Energetics/First Law Complete re-write, added jQuery functions
2012.06 States and Solids Added new sections on colloids and liquid crystals
2012.02 3 The basics of atoms, moles, formulas... Complete re-write and link check
2011.09 Solutions Added new sections on solubility equilibria and electrolyte solutions, electrolytic conduction
2011.02 Kinetics and dynamics added chapter on experimental techniques
2011.01 Properties of gases Complete re-write
2010.10 Solutions: chemical and physical properties Complete re-write of the original PDF version with a new and extensive section on distillation
2010.08 acid-base, atomic structure, chemical bonding, chemical energetics, properties of gases Around 50 miscellaneous corrections/additions
2010.03 Thermodynamics of Equilibrium Major re-write of Free Energy lesson
2010.02 Kinetics and dynamics New main section, 3 lessons
2010.01 Chemical Equilibrium Reformat, added print option




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