Nordic nonsense: more absurd pseudoscience about structure-altered water

The Nordic Water Systems site is so full of hilarious nonsense that it deserves its own commentary. Their

Original Water Revitalizer is based upon a new revolutionary concept in Water Treatment... It processes all the Water in a direct way, leading it into a double helix spiral, which creates a vortex energy field. It uses Mother Nature's own methods of generating energy within the Water.

The site contains links to a "research page" full of bogus pseudoscientific results based on "photonic light emission" and Kirlian photography, a long-discredited Russian invention. This same outfit, which is located on Denman Island (a well-known neo-hippie community) near Vancouver Canada, also hawked "Cosmic Energy Transformers" that were supposed to protect you from "geopathic stress, negative earth radiation, and electromagnetic fields."

More recently, they have started an "Alivewater" page promoting something called Nordic Living Water — total B.S.!

The text in the left-hand column below is taken verbatim from the Nordic site as it existed in late 2001. Those portions that I consider incorrect, misleading, or unsupported by evidence are highlighted.

Text from the Nordic site


The bond angle between the two hydrogen atoms is known to be variable, depending upon the amount of energy in the molecule. Research has shown that water whose bond angle is 101 degrees is "dead" Water. When Water is distilled, the bond angle expands to 120 degrees upon evaporation, but collapses to 101 degrees upon condensation and is therefore "dead". A bond angle of 103 degrees indicates average Water and 106 degrees is activated, energized Water.

Errant nonsense! The H-O-H bond angle in H2O is 104.5°. Thermal vibrations do produce a "wagging" motion, but the equilibrium value quoted above does not change.

When we treat and transport Water without a deep understanding of its precious nature, we take the Life Force out of it. Consequently the Water we consume is dead. One of the major causes of this is our Water pipes... We force Water through straight and narrow pipelines for miles and miles, with no freedom to follow its innate desire to move in spirals and swirls. (As an example of water's natural movement in nature, look at how rivers and streams always wind in their course.) The Water is then exposed to numerous 90 degree turns.

Anyone dumb enough to fall for this nonsense probably deserves to be scammed!

We then get dead or lazy Water where bacteria build-up occurs. We put chlorine in it, which kills both good and bad bacteria in us, increases our toxicity and puts our health at risk.

Chlorine kills the bacteria in the water, not in our bodies, which do not absorb it.

  • When you drink this revitalized Water it won't slosh about in your stomach because it is so fast in transforming into pure energy!
  • As a bonus to the environment, the positive vibration/frequency which has now been re-established in the Water is transported back into the big Water cycle after it flushes down the drain, eventually carrying this aliveness and the higher frequencies to our rivers, lakes and oceans. There, the revitalized Water continues to influence the natural environment in a positive, healthy manner.

I'm too busy laughing to comment on these absurdities!

"The Water's content of negative substances: heavy metals, pesticides, nitrates, etc. get reversed in their polarization (negative to positive). These positively charged (+) toxic elements cannot be absorbed into the body, since the cells also have a positive (+) charge and are electromagnetically repelled. These toxic elements pass through the system and are expelled. Furthermore, existing negatively charged (-) toxins are flushed out of the system as they are electromagnetically attracted ( -/+) to the positively charged (+) Revitalized Water molecules."

This errant rubbish fails to mention that postive ions (mainly Na+, K+, and Ca2+) cross cell walls all the time. I hope that the person who wrote this drivel is not one of my former Chemistry students!

"The fact that many people today, apart from their own sensations and gut feelings, are demanding scientific proof, which alone will be accepted by the intellect, is caused by one-sided linear thinking or in other words, the "rational" mind's (left side of the brain) monopoly on 'accepted' knowledge. This makes us feel unable to trust our ability to sense the truth and trust the faith we feel inside whenever we experience something which is not confirmed by the scientific establishment I suggest you contemplate the fact that the scientific community has approved of so many medicines which have later proved themselves to be detrimental and even deadly to both humans, animals and plants."

This is the same old refrain, long employed by those who wish to promote pseudoscientific nostrums and beliefs by appealing to the suckers who are often only too willing to suspend their own rational thought! They are saying, in effect, "believe anything you want to believe." See What is Pseudoscience?

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