Chem1 Moles, formulas and equations

The eight lessons in this unit cover atomic and molecular weights, the mole concept, and its applications to stoichiometric calculations involving formulas and equations. A considerable number of problems are included. It is the author's experience that many students who experience difficulty with these topics can benefit from a more detailed treatment of topics that are often passed over in conventional instruction; examples are net ionic equations, and recognizing decimal equivalents of integer ratios, which is important in understanding "simplest formula" calculations.

Note: this lesson set is included with the Chem1 Starter Set; there is no need to download it separately.

Lesson summary

Each bulleted item is individually accessible through a 2-level menu.

Lesson 1 - Introduction to the mole concept

Lesson 2 -Formulas

Lesson 3 - Empirical formulas from experiment

Lesson 4 - Chemical Equations

Lesson 5 - Mass relations in chemical reactions

Lesson 6 - Limiting reactant calculations

Lesson 7 - Volume relations in gas-phase reactions

Lesson 8 - Molar solution stoichiometry


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