How to get the lessons

The Chem1 Concept Builder lessons can be downloaded as a single large (10-15 Mb) self-extracting archive C1FULL.EXE.


Step 1

Download the lessons now


After the download is complete, you will be asked if you want to run the program or save it. Select "run", and when the WinZip window appears, click on the Unzip button. After de-archiving is complete, Exit from the WinZip program and press ENTER at the various prompts. When finished, exit the WinZip extractor program. For further information, see the README files which will be placed in your C:/CHEM1 folder.

To start the lessons, use the Windows "Start" button to access

All Programs : Chem1 lessons : Run Lessons


The Lesson Sets you download and install will initially run as demos. In demo mode, only one lesson within each menu or submenu will be accessible; the other menu selections will be inactive. Since there are a lot of these menus, you should find the demo version adequate to determine if the lessons will run on your computer and if they will be useful to you.


When you first run the lessons, a screen will come up that invites you to "register" them. Now that the lessons are free, this is no longer required, and in fact trying to do so will get you nowhere. Your only option, until you complete the additional download described below, is to select DEMO mode.


Step 2

If you wish to have free and unlimited access to all of the lessons, you need to install a new version of the file RUNCHEM1.APP which will already be present in the folder C:/CHEM1/LESSONS. This can be done by clicking on the following link which downloads the self-extracting archive RUNCHEM1.EXE

Download RUNCHEM1.EXE now


After the download is complete, indicate that you want to RUN the program. Click on the Unzip button. This will extract the file and place it in the proper location, replacing the original version. When finished, exit the WinZip extractor program.



About the supplementary materials

After you install the lessons, the Start > All Programs > Chem1 Lessons menu will show these choices in addition to the "Run Lessons" item which is normally used to access the lessons:

Lessons Guide
Shows the detailed contents of each lesson and lesson segment. This should be especially useful to teachers who wish to recommend which lessons are most appropriate for each part of the course.
Oxidation-reduction lessons
A set of lessons on oxidation numbers and balancing redox equations. Their use has enabled the author to largely eliminate the treatment of these topics in lecture. The lessons themselves are 80's-era text-only relics written in Pilot, and operate in a DOS window.
Reference texts
These PDF documents are the predecessors of the present Chem1 Virtual Textbook. Please go to that link for a much-expanded and largely revised collection.