Do you need more support in learning Chemistry than your textbook, teacher, or Web/CD supplements can provide? Are you studying Chemistry on your own, through distance education or in a homeschooling context? Are you reviewing for an advanced course?  

The Chem1 Concept Builder provides guided, interactive, and in-depth instruction in General Chemistry at the college and advanced-high school levels.

Guided: Each lesson focuses on a single concept which is introduced at the simplest possible level and is then extended step by step as you proceed, building on and reinforcing what you have already learned.
Interactive: No clunky Web-based interface. You are an active participant in a conversation that provides instantaneous feedback about your right and wrong answers, and multiple levels of help when you need it.
In-depth: Much more than the usual problem drills and multiple-choice tests; these lessons focus on the fundamental concepts to extend your understanding and to deal confidently with those problems you have not yet seen!

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Michael Faraday delivering one of his popular "Chemical Lectures"