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Chem1 Virtual Textbook for General Chemistry

General science sites

What is pseudoscience?

A gentle introduction to the structure of water

Resources for Chemical Education (This includes a special page for students enrolled in General Chemistry courses)

Other sites

Steve's Personal Web page - - - - Steve's SFU Chemistry page - - - - SFU Retired Faculty

AquaScams - home page for dubious schemes for softening water with catalysts, magnets or electric fields; magnetic laundry balls and similar scams, and dietary supplements based on various fictional structure-altered waters.

Canadian Folk Songs Centennial Collection

Computer-assisted instruction

Chem1 Concept Builder - guided, interactive and in-depth instruction for advanced-HS and college chemistry.

CAI as a medium for mainline instruction in Chemistry. American Chemical Society Committee on Computers in Chemical Education Newsletter, Winter 2001.

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