Nonsense about signal transduction and "cellular resonance"

Vendors of various alternative-health products in which water molecules are purported to be arranged into "clusters" (such as Cellcore's Clustered Water™) make the additional claim that this water possesses "resonance" that mediates "signal transduction" between cells, transmitting "chemical and bioelectric energy" throughout the body. Many also say that their waters are "coherent"— which is as impressive-sounding as it is meaningless.

This is classic pseudoscientific bunk that anyone who is even halfway to a degree in Chemistry or physiology would find laughable.

All water, and in fact all matter can be said to possess "resonances" of various kinds.The ones that sites flogging structure-altered and "clustered" nostrums allude to appear to be related to the proton nuclear magnetic resonance of water. Contrary to the impression conveyed by this deceptive hype, these "resonances" do not transmit information, and in fact they do not even occur unless the molecules are exposed to radio-frequency energy while placed in a magnetic field.

What is NMR? Click here for a beginner's tutorial

Cell signalling has nothing to do with "coherence" or weird "resonances". Work by hundreds of scientists has revealed four major mechanisms by which information is transmitted between cells.

See here for a schematic and brief explanation.

The crackpot "cellular resonance" concept is either an extremely naive misunderstanding of what proton magnetic resonance is all about, or it is a deliberate attempt to mislead.

For the up-to-date word on cellular signal transduction, see Science magazine's excellent Signal Tranduction site.

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Stephen Lower
is a retired faculty member of the
Dept of Chemistry, Simon Fraser University
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Last modified: 13.10.2003