Canadian Folk Songs Download Information

Canadian Folk Songs

A Centennial Collection

Download information

A copy of the Collection can be downloaded as a compressed archive file (about 50 Mb) by clicking on this link.

[If this site should become unavailable, a version (without mp3 files) is permanently archived at]

The most recent version was uploaded on May 30, 2017

Download procedure

The file you will download is named , about 50 Mb. Most browsers are set to place downloaded files in a special location, most commonly in a folder named Downloads. On most modern computers, it will be un-zipped automatically and appears as a new folder CanadianFolkSongs (about 54 Mb) placed in the same folder (most often in the Downloads folder). On some systems a window will open up asking you what to do with the new folder.  You will most frequently want to place it in your Music folder.

Once this has been done, the file can be dragged to Trash.

If you have iTunes installed, the individual song file with the CanadianFolkSongs folder (located inside the sub-folder MP3) can be dragged into this application.

How to access the songs

You can access these songs in two ways:

Method 1) Open the CanadianFolkSongs folder. Locate the contained file index.html, and open it in your Web browser. For convenient access to this file, set a bookmark in your browser. This is the same file as is found on the Web site .

Method 2) Open the folder MP3 and drag the desired songs into iTunes or to an iPod or other MP3 player. To identify the file name associatged with each song, open the Web page for each volume; the name appears just above the Play icon.

Please remember that the sound files are in MP3 format;
If you copy them directly to a CD, that CD must be played through a computer, not on a standard audio CD player.
Of course, you can make regular audio CD's through iTunes or other suitable applications.